All You Need To Know About Vintage Car Services

All You Need To Know About Vintage Car Services
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Do you love vintage cars? Do you love visiting a vintage car museum? We know there is something different about vintage cars and the rustic charm is worth the look. And if you are among the few people in the world who own a vintage car, you are indeed very lucky.
We are very well aware that vintage cars are a rare sight and naturally they cost a bomb. They are perhaps the only type of vehicles that are priced so high despite their age. Only the die-hard car enthusiasts know the real value of such cars and they value these cars throughout their lifetime.

Only some selected individuals with high disposable income can afford vintage cars as they are not only expensive to the vehicle but the maintenance costs are increasing as well. Due to this reason, many people are looking for vintage car insurance in Melbourne.
People who are own a vintage car want to opt for vintage car insurance. However, before proceeding to buy a vintage car insurance in Melbourne, it is important to understand which category of vintage car you fall into.
Different types of vintage cars

For any car to be considered a vintage, it has to be certified as vintage from the vintage car association. Here are some of the cars you must know about:

Classic cars: This is a car manufactured after 1940 but before 1970. The cars should not be modified and close to its original make and specifications. Any car that goes through too many modifications loses the categorization of being a classic car. 

Antique Cars: All the cars manufactured between 1930 and 1940 are called antique cars. Similar to the classic cars, these cars should also be on low modifications and should be close to its original make. 

Vintage cars: All the cars manufactured between 1919 and 1930 are called vintage cars. Unlike the above two categories mentioned, the value of the car doesn’t change even if it goes through any kind of modification.

When it comes to asking about insurance, there are two categories such as classic cars and vintage cars. The antique cars also come under the category of classic cars only. 

Different factors affecting the vintage car insurance

Current value of the car: It is obvious that the value of the car is judged by the present condition of the car and the value will also help in determining the cost of insurance as well. 

Age of the car: The older the car, the more will be value, but age should not outcast the current condition of the car. The car should be old, but in its full-glory to be deemed as a vintage car. 

The maintenance cost of the car: One factor determining the cost of the vintage car insurance is the cost of its yearly maintenance. 

If you are looking for a vintage car insurance in Melbourne, you can reach out to us.

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