All-in-one sales and marketing platform

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All-in-one sales and marketing platform

The marketing industry is expanding because to Simple Fast Funnels, an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. The website is promoted as 
Though it is much more than just “The #1 Automation and Text Messaging Platform for Marketing Agencies,” You will be able to increase sales and save money and time by using the Simple Fast Funnels platform instead of worrying about utilising disparate systems that are connected by zaps.

On a single platform, the programme provides call tracking, AI conversation bots, landing pages, sales funnels, CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing, reputation management, a social media scheduling tool, and membership sections (courses). Yes, you have all of the features of those separate platforms combined into one.

Simple Fast Funnels may help your company in the following ways.

You’ll save money using Easy Fast Funnels.

Simple Fast Funnels does a better job of combining the capabilities of many platforms into one while charging you less for it. I was using Clickfunnels, Active Campaign, ClickSend, CallRail, Gravity Forms, Calendly, and Zapier to link everything together before switching to Simple Fast Funnels.
As you can see, I was able to save hundreds of dollars a month after switching to Simple Fast Funnels, and as my company has expanded, I have been able to save a small fortune every month! Simple Fast Funnels will save you the following in addition to a significant amount of money.

Time will be saved for you.

You and your company will experience a complete paradigm shift thanks to the automation possibilities. Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) and automate as much of the process as you can if it is done more than once. We are saving hours of labour every week because to the automations we’ve put up. This allows us to dedicate more time to things that bring us money. Our processes have been automated. 
Utilise lead nurturing sequences (text, SMS, voicemail drops) to boost appointment scheduling. 
Using a voicemail, SMS, or text message appointment reminder sequence may significantly lower the no-show percentage.

sales proposal process, which automatically creates proposals for the potential customer to sign and pay for, along with daily prompts to do so. They are immediately enrolled in our onboarding procedure as soon as they do. save us hours of back-and-forth manual communication with an automated onboarding procedure that is straightforward and step-by-step. the process of creating testimonials and reviews.

Simple Duplication with Snapshots: By copying whole customer campaigns from one sub-account to another, you may save hours if you have several clients in the same niche. I am referring to all the necessary resources such as landing pages, sales pipelines, calendars, appointment reminder sequences, soap opera sequences, and calendars. We no longer need to spend a whole day building up a client campaign — now it just takes a few hours.

You’ll sell more things.

You will have more time to concentrate on sales and customer retention with Simple Fast Funnels. What you can do is: 
Easily monitor the source of your new leads. 
be aware of the prospecting avenue that brings in the highest revenue. 
To increase lead generation, split test sign-up pages and landing pages (Agency Pro Account only). 
Establish a connection with Google My Business to enable call monitoring, two-way communication, and SMS alerts for missed calls. 
Link your company profiles on Facebook and Instagram to quickly reply to messages. 
Include a chat box on your website and make sure you answer any incoming queries and concerns promptly. 
You can quickly accept payments and add boost offers to your sales pages. 
My firm has been able to grow while maintaining a higher customer retention rate because to Simple Fast Funnels. Compared to three months before to GHL, our clients now remain with us for an average of 14 months! GHL gives you the ability to put your customers’ troubles to rest. Your clientele will continue to give you money if this makes them pleased. 
The solutions from Simple Fast Funnels let you generate leads, nurture them, complete deals, and keep clients longer. A strong CRM system, however, is at the centre of it all. The following are a some of this CRM solution’s greatest attributes: 
Smart Lists: A stored subset of contacts that satisfy certain filter requirements is referred to as a smart list. Any new or updated contact that meets the filter criteria will be instantly added to the smart list as soon as it is generated. After that, you may build up automations and perform activities specifically for that smart list.

Builder of Funnels

If you already use Clickfunnels, the funnel builder will seem familiar to you and be straightforward to use and navigate. With only a press of a button, Simple Fast Funnels has also made funnel migration from Clickfunnels quite simple! I no longer use Clickfunnels and I’m not going back. There is just so much more that Simple Fast Funnels provides than Clickfunnels.


You may monitor leads and customers with as many custom pipelines as your company requires: sales pipelines for specific services, onboarding pipelines, pipelines for new customers, etc.

Situations and activities in the process

External correspondence (messages, phone calls, Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messages) 
CRM operations (update, add, charge once, submit review request) 
Actions related to membership (granting or rescinding an offer)

Builder of Websites

With the help of the website builder, you can create whole websites using the same tool as the funnel builder or choose from a large selection of website templates found in the website template library. 
Management of Reputation

The goal of the user-friendly Simple Fast Funnels Reputation Management is to assist you and your customers in enhancing your company’s online presence on Facebook and Google. You can quickly track, monitor, and produce evaluations with just a single button click. Reputation management tools from Simple Fast Funnels include sentiment analysis, social media monitoring, response management, review tracking, and a review widget that lets you automatically post reviews with a rating of three stars or higher on your website. 
Sites for Membership
Do you provide training sessions or courses on Teachable, Kajabi, Clickfunnels, or other comparable online platforms? A membership platform offered by Simple Fast Funnels allows you to create an infinite number of premium or free courses and invite an infinite number of users for your business or your customers. The membership area’s integrated drag and drop editor allows for complete customisation and branding. One advantage of the platform is that it lets you distribute material to users gradually. Your member area is entirely under your control. You don’t need to upload your films on other websites like Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube since the platform offers infinite video hosting. Your training videos will no longer be followed by YouTube-related content. 
Conversation Widget
Through a “chat” window on your website, the Simple Fast Funnels chat widget enables you to start text-message interactions with consumers. It’s really simple to set up, and you can even set up a routine to get an SMS notice when a message is received, allowing you to access the system right away and answer as soon as possible. 
Email Constructor
You can create fantastic emails with the email builder and send or schedule them directly from the builder. This takes the place of the email marketing programmes you now use, such Active Campaign, MailChimp, or others. 
Surveys & Forms
As one may anticipate, lead and information collection via surveys and forms is integrated straight in. These may be embedded on your own websites (such as your own WordPress website) or incorporated into any page you make using the page builder (landing pages, web pages, etc.). 
Two-Way Text Messaging
Both the mobile app and Simple Fast Funnels allow you to send and receive SMS messages. For SMS, Simple Fast Funnels utilises Twilio, thus there are additional use fees. Moreover, you may use the Text 2 Pay option to request payments by SMS. 
Assistance & Encouragement
The greatest assistance and support I’ve ever had from a business is from Simple Fast Funnels. Navigating through the assistance documentation is simple. The support staff is highly approachable and quick to respond. You may simply search the Simple Fast Funnels knowledgebase, which includes instructional videos and documents, by heading to the support centre. Many “how to…” videos are available to help you get started or address any queries you may have. You may start a live conversation with the staff if your issue isn’t addressed in the knowledge base. They are really helpful and will either ask you to file a support ticket in order to escalate the issue or they will lead you in the right path and answer your query if they can. 
to see whether Simple Fast Funnels meets your demands for marketing the way our company was able to. With the 14-day free trial period, you may try out the full platform while saving us money each month. Go to now to begin your free trial. My company and the way we provide outcomes for our customers have changed dramatically as a consequence of Simple Fast Funnels. The success of both my company and the companies of my customers has entirely changed as a result of it. By streamlining and fully using the automation at our disposal, we have been able to increase the number of new customers we have acquired. We now dedicate more time to prospecting and sales and less time to fulfillment. We have avoided losing any functionality while saving a lot on monthly software expenses. Simple Fast Funnels have taken the place of the majority of our previous solutions.

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