Active Campaign VS Simple Fast Funnels

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Active Campaign VS Simple Fast Funnels

It is important to choose the appropriate software for your company when deciding how to promote to your consumers.

In particular, if you’re doing your email marketing, you’ll want something easy to use, provides clear statistics, and lets you monitor client responses to tweak your automated strategies.

We will now compare and contrast the features and capabilities of Active Campaign with those of Simple Fast Funnels, two email marketing platforms.

Communication via several channels:

Both email and texting are crucial in the modern corporate environment, and Active Campaign lets you do both. However, their texting service has one major drawback: it only allows for one-way communication. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to generate interaction, customers can’t reply to you on the site.

One feature that Simple Fast Funnels offers is unified communications. Here’s a new feature that consolidates all of your communication channels into one place: email, text, phone, media message, chat, and Facebook message. One advantage of unified messaging is that it allows you to reply to customers from any location and keeps all interactions organized for all staff members to view. As a result, client assistance is not duplicated and more time is saved. Your consumers are left dangling as no method of communication is ever really two-way. To save time, you may even set up an automated system to respond to texts.

Automating processes:

The importance of automation rises in direct proportion to the size of your firm. Let’s compare and contrast Active Campaign with Simple Fast Funnels.

When it comes to automating the email series, Active Campaign offers a plethora of fascinating choices, including the ability to set up scheduled email series, establish an automated email list, and send broadcasts.

The automation game is being turned upside down by Simple Fast Funnels. After you set up your funnel, it can automatically collect leads, link them to Facebook, texts, emails, etc., and then, depending on their responses, you can implement features like voicemail drops, automated text messages, and responses, call scheduling (where the system takes care of everything until you’re ready to talk to them), or even direct them to make a purchase.

Capabilities for Two-Way SMS:

Passive campaign is unable to send and receive two-way SMS… A little disappointing… But what if you fail to reply to messages sent by clients who want to engage with you?

Using Simple Fast Funnels, you have the option to send a text that seems to not need a response, or you may send a text that explicitly requests one. If you want to boost engagement and create discussions with customers, this is a great tool to employ… Do you not believe that you should have choices?

The Ease of Use:

Although some systems need a high level of technical expertise to use, Active Campaign is very easy to use. However, small companies may enjoy a refreshing change of pace with Active Campaign.

When it comes to this, Simple Fast Funnels is rather similar to Active Campaign. You won’t have any problem navigating the platform or finding the tabs and features.

Our customer service is available 24/7:

We will not dispute the fact that Active Campaign offers respectable customer service.

In contrast, Simple Fast Funnels offers first-rate support to its clients. Experience first-rate customer support and a plethora of done-for-you funnel creation alternatives with Simple Fast Funnels. Chat is open 24/7 and there are a ton of additional options available during business hours. As a do-it-yourselfer or professional, you may rely on their assistance. Experience the epitome of effortlessness.

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