A solvent revolution at Ducane Dry Cleaners

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23 October 2023

At Ducane we are now using a new environmentally friendly, alcohol based cleaning solvent called Sensene. Not only is Sensene good for the environment, it is also a very effective dry cleaning agent that equals, and even betters the performance of other conventional, non eco-friendly dry cleaning solvents. It is for example a very good solvent for removing stains formed by oily grease. It also removes stains left by foods such as wine, sodas and cake. Other dry cleaning characteristics of Sensene are that the solvent can be used to dry clean a wide range of fabrics. It is also gentle on delicate clothes, such as garments containing silk, for example wedding dresses. It also preserves colours keeping them as bright and vibrant they started out. Fabrics cleaned with Sensene are great to the touch. and It also leaves clothes smelling lovely.

Environmental details about our new state of the art dry cleaning solvent Sensene.

Nowadays we are all concerned about the environment, how we affect it, are we doing our best to protect it ? By using Ducane as your dry cleaner of choice you will, by extension, be doing your part in protecting our environment from the polluting chemicals released from the conventional dry cleaning process. Sensene, Ducanes’ new dry cleaning solvent is biodegradable, which means it is broken down and decomposed by living organisms. Its waste products will not add any poisons into our food chain and wiil not affect the water cycle adversely. It is therefore an environmentally responsible way of dry cleaning. That is in constrast to the chemicals used by most conventional dry cleaners which can be very damaging to the environment, and by extension harmful to humans when these chemicals mix with the air, or enter the water cycle, and food chain.

                                                A solvent revolution at Ducane Dry Cleaners

An Energy efficient solvent

Our new dry cleaning solvent is so efficient at dry cleaning, that we no longer have to use our machines for as long as we had to previously when we were using the old chemicals. Which means we use less electricity. Also fabrics dry cleaned with Sensene exit the dry cleaning process less crinkly, and therefore require less pressing, again saving on energy.

Sensene is kind to your skin

Since our new dry cleaning solvent Sensene, is a modified alcohol it means less is left in the fabric after cleaning, it is also chemically neutral.  This allows you to dry clean your item time after time without any risk of it irritating your skin. In contrast higher traces of conventional dry cleaning solvents remain in your fabric after you have dry cleaned them, which means that this chemical is in contact with your skin and can risk contaminating your body. The levels of chemical within the fabric also increase with repeat dry cleaning.

Come in and experience the Sensene difference

So why not be kind to your body, the environment and increase the efficiency of energy our usage. Bring your fabrics into Ducane dry cleaners in Richmond, where we use chemicals that care for both your clothes and our world.


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