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Dry cleaning is very similar to doing laundry in your home. The difference is that, for dry cleaning, we use a liquid agent instead of detergent or washing powder. A liquid solvent is something that contains little or no water. It is capable of dissolving one or several substances and creating a solution. By doing this process, the clothes do get wet but the liquid solvent used evaporates more quickly than water. Hence the name dry cleaning. The dry cleaners use very large and technically advanced computer-controlled dry cleaning machines. Since solvent is used rather than water, they are not drained and disposed of as done in a washing machine with soiled water. The solvent is re-circulated through filters throughout the entire cycle to remove stains during the cleaning process. Then the solvent is refined to crystal clear and purified before using it once again.

Dry Cleaning has two advantages over wet cleaning. Water makes the clothes swell, this action of swelling causes shrinkage and fading in most of the garments. Dry cleaning solvents are better than using water because they are good at the removal of oily or greasy stains which are the base component of many stains.

After your clothes have been cleaned properly, your dry cleaner uses special methods to finish the final process. It usually involves two processes, steaming and pressing.

Steaming: It is effective for getting rid of wrinkles, enhancing pressing and also to remove if there are any remaining water-soluble materials and killing bacteria. 
Pressing: This is the final step in dry cleaning. This makes the dress crisp and very today which is difficult to recreate in our home with hand ironing. This skill requires good training and after your garments have been pressed, they are inspected one last time.

Different types of dry cleaning service

Under dry cleaning services, any approaches for fixing any damages on garments can be brought to. The services offered by dry cleaners are not limited to cleaning clothes. Let’s discuss a few types of dry cleaning services:

Dry cleaning

Most garments are made of good quality fabrics and they need to get good quality treatment rather than using traditional methods because it can damage the materials. Because of this, dry cleaning is an ideal method used to remove stains and dirt. The much gentler method in dry cleaning combined with the use of special cleaning agents can completely remove all the stains on the surface. It also gives a fresh look to the fabric, maintaining its original colour and quality.

Repair and Maintenance

Apart from dry cleaning, dry cleaners also take up the repair and maintenance of expensive and delicate clothing materials. Most clothes can be worn after usage many times, and this can cause damage to the materials. To fix such issues, dry cleaners offer repair and maintenance, which will include patching up holes on the surface and replacing buttons, zippers etc. And they also can handle all types of fabrics.

Clothing Alterations

Dry cleaners also provide alterations services according to the needs of the customers. Alterations are done mainly to tailor the clothes in a proper way to fit correctly. Some of the common alteration services include shaping the waists, shortening the sleeves, bordering pants etc.

What is mobile service?

Mobile service is when the assigned service staff will pick up your clothes, clean them and return them to you at your doorstep. The plus point of mobile service is that you needn’t go to the store. You can simply book your appointment at any time and the service person will come and pick it up. So if you are a busy person and don’t have any time to go to the stores, mobile service is the best choice.

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