7 Items to Pack on Your Upcoming Summer Vacation

7 Items to Pack on Your Upcoming Summer Vacation
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Summer being almost here gives many Americans a glimmer of excitement and hopes to plan for summer vacations. Whether you plan to go for a vacation far away from home, close to home, or explore the outdoors, the first important thing is to pack your luggage. Here are seven items you should remember to pack for your upcoming summer vacation:

Vacation Reads

Spending time in a good book is a beautiful way for many travelers to pass the time during vacations. Borrow from your friends' good reads that they enjoyed, or you can check a traveler's list for book lovers before you go for your next vacation.

Summer Clothes

The clothes you choose to carry for your vacation are very crucial. Bringing the wrong clothes can take the fun out of the holiday or take it to the next level. For women, you can pack clothing like halter tops, mini dresses, beach dresses, sundresses (short or long), maxi dresses, tanker tops, skirts, and flip flops, or a pair of slide sandals

Men should consider packing cloth items like lightweight pants, floral shirts, beach wear, T-shirts, socks, and shorts.

Moreover, when packing clothes for a summer vacation, remember to carry bathing suits, sunhats, and even light jackets for the air-conditioned rooms and chilly summer nights. Because your holiday will be in a warm location, you will need cotton and linen clothing because they are breathable and soak up sweat.


You will need sunglasses when lounging along the beach or poolside. Most people only remember to protect their skin from sun-related damage and forget about their eyes. Whether you are traveling abroad or within your locality, having a pair of sunglasses is crucial for any summer vacation.

Sunglasses will help you not to squint in the sunlight and make you look fabulous. The shades will also protect your eyes from the damage of UV rays.


No matter the location you have chosen for your vacation, it is crucial to protect your skin. Allowing your skin o to be exposed directly to the sun can cause wrinkles, skin cancer, sunburn, and age spots. Therefore, avoid these risks by remembering to pack your sunscreen. It will protect your skin from sunburns and tanning.

Sunscreen builds a layer between one's skin and the UV rays from sunlight, thus protecting people from any permanent damage. Sunscreens are available in a wide range of diverse sun protection levels, from SPF 150 to SPF 10. Depending on the sun's intensity and how close to the sun you are, the higher the SPF level you will need in your sunscreen for maximum protection from the UV rays.

Filter Water Bottle

It would be best if you stay hydrated during the summer heat. If you are taking a vacation trip outside the country, it is advisable to avoid drinking tap water. Drinking tap water may make you feel sick due to the level of filtration, change in atmosphere, and water source.

Therefore, instead, you can opt for drinking filtered water throughout your vacation. A filter water bottle will help clean approximately 99.99% of the impurities in the water, thus making the water drinkable. Carrying your filter water bottle will save you the costs of buying it during the vacation, which may be overpriced.

Phone Charger

Phones have turned out to play a significant role in our lives. The lives of most people are saved with their phones. Things like emergency contacts, their memories through photos, social media, the internet, and social media. To use your phone entirely, you have to charge your phone time and again. Misplacing or forgetting your phone charger can ruin your vacation and cause distress. Thus, remember to pack your charger so your phone can be charged at all the necessary times.

Travel Documents

It is crucial not to forget your travel documents. It is wise to have a hard copy of all the necessary documents you will need to travel and a soft copy just in case of any emergencies or unfortunate circumstances. Travel documents are vital to permit you to enter foreign countries and return to your country.



Summer vacations are the best time to enjoy a trip with your friends and family. Ensure you have a fabulous time by remembering to carry the above items essential for a summer trip.

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