What are the top 10 reasons to move to Italy from the US?

What are the top 10 reasons to move to Italy from the US?
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Italy, one of the most beautiful countries, attracts thousands of people every year as tourists and expats. Italy's warm and humid climate makes it the center of attraction for people who are fed up with the hard-hitting winters. 

If you are planning to move to Italy but are still not convinced enough to make the final decision, then here we have you covered. Here we have curated a list of ten reasons why you should move to Italy from the US. 

Reasons to move to Italy

Italy’s rich heritage and culture:

Italy is a historic city rich in culture and tradition. Italy traces back a thousand years of history. You will find more than 50 massive world heritage sites, the greatest in any country around the globe. You will have a lot many things to explore in Italy in terms of museums, heritage sites, monuments, palaces etc. Italy has 7600 km of coastline and many amazing cities like Mial, Florence, Naples, Pisa etc.

Moreover, Italian culture includes everything from music, arts, architecture, food, religion and family. Italians are proud to keep their culture alive. You will find a touch of ancient Italian culture in the historic center of each city. Italians value family time a lot. You will find various occasions when all the family members in the Italian family gather together for lunch or dinner. 

Warm and Humid Climate:

Winter is the dominant season in most parts of the United States. So if you want to shift to a place where you can enjoy warm and humid weather, then Italy is the best place for you. Italy has one of the best climatic conditions. Most parts of Italy experience a Mediterranean climate with cold, wet winters and hot and dry summers. As an American moving to Italy, you will be able to enjoy the mild weather in the southern region of Italy in cities such as Sardinia and Sicily. However, the temperature in winter rarely drops in the south and in summer, it reaches up to 35 degrees Celsius or even higher. Every passing or upcoming season adds something to the beautiful landscapes of Italy, making them even more beautiful. You will witness the large fields of sunflowers and poppies in autumn, snow-capped mountains in winter and beautiful summer beaches in summer.

Great Food and Wine:

If you are a big food lover, then you will find Italy as your go-to place forever. Here you will be able to taste some of the amazing delicacies that you won't be able to find in any other part of the world, especially in terms of Pizza and Pasta. However, all the cuisines of Italy are cooked with a simple recipe, yet it tastes divine. Each town in Italy has something different to offer in terms of food and wine. You won't find the authentic taste anywhere else in the world, no matter how well they are cooked. The flavor of fresh vegetables and Italian ingredients used by Italian cooks makes each cuisine mouth-watering.

Moreover, you get to enjoy Pasta in more than 300 shapes, spaghetti, fusilli, penne and lasagne, to name a few. Also, Italy produces some of the top quality wines, namely Lambrusco, Barbaresco, Sangiovese, Classic Chianti etc. Also, the prices of these authentic wines are affordable. 

A slower pace of life:

If you are fed up with living in a fast-paced society, always running for something or the other, then you might love Italy. The slower pace of life in Italy lets you enjoy life and live in the moment. There isn't any rush or competition in the city. Italians have an easygoing life called "la dolce vita", meaning the sweet life. The American lifestyle is quite hectic. People have forgotten to live in the moment to build a better future. The daily stress has taken away the joy of life. However, as an American moving to Italy, you won't have to juggle this way. You can take time to enjoy every little thing in life. You will experience that your quality of life improves once you start living in Italy. 

Best Education institutions:

Italy hosts some of the best universities and colleges in the world. Thus if you are moving to Italy from the US for education, it might be your best decision. Every year Italy welcomes thousands of students from different parts of the world. Politecnico di Milano, Sapienza- Università di Roma and Università di Bologna are the top three universities known for their best quality education worldwide. If you are planning to move to Italy with your family, then you can expect the best education at an affordable price. 

Diversity of the landscapes:

However, it must be acknowledged that Italy has some of the most incredible and breathtaking landscapes, which will astound you at every turn. The varied landscape of Italy includes the Po Valley plain, the northern Alps mountain range, the Italian islands, and the Mediterranean coasts. The cherry on top are Italy's volcanoes, both active and dormant. You will always be surrounded by the most breathtaking views, from the dazzling view of Lake Garda framed by Monte Baldo to the Cinque Terre full of pastel-colored villages near the coast. Italy is the ideal place to live because it has everything, including vineyards, lakes, lagoons, or waterfalls, beaches, and mountains.

Friendly people:

The people of any country are its assets. The Italian people are warm and friendly. In Italy, it's a custom to offer a kiss on the cheek as a greeting. Moreover, Italian people won't mind physically contacting the people they meet. This is because of the friendly nature of the Italian people. In other cultures, it might be a bit different, but in Italian society, this is the way to foster a sense of friendship. The warm and hospitable nature of the Italian people won't make you feel like you are in a foreign land if you are moving to Italy from the US. Italian people love to offer helping hands no matter which culture or part of the world you are from. 

Best Transportation facilities:

Italy offers the best transportation facilities, which ensure that you get to meet your friends and family whenever you want to, at an affordable price. You can either take a train or book a flight and reach the US within a few hours. Also, the intercity transportation system is well-developed in Italy. The cost of the flight ticket is quite affordable for the cities like Rome, Milan, Bologna, Venice, and Pisa. The low cost of transportation means that you can plan frequent visits to your friends and family.

Best Healthcare system:

The Healthcare system of Italy has ranked 4th position in terms of life expectancy of the people. With 3.7 doctors for every 1000 citizens, Italy ensures to be the best healthcare provider in the world. All the medical facilities are affordable for patients in both the public and private sectors. Italy also has health insurance which covers the cost of medical needs. So can take your health insurance as an American moving to Italy.

A shopping Hub:

Another great reason to move to Italy is that it is a shopping paradise. We all know that Milan is the fashion capital of the world that hosts some of the most luxurious and biggest brands of perfumes, bags, and outfits. The brands such as Prada, Gucci, Armani, Versace and Fendi, to name a few. Besides these extravagant brands, you can find an endless number of streets tucked with a variety of designer clothes, bags and luxury stores. All in all, you will find everything you need in Italy, and the choices will be endless. 

Wrap up

The football fever, mouth-watering coffee, luxurious home, great work opportunities, and low cost of living are some other reasons that make Italy the best place to reside. 

If these reasons have convinced you to relocate to Italy, then you might need some help with relocation. It might be harder to plan to make a shift to Italy. However, by choosing earth relocation as your travel partner, you can make your move easier.

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