5 Incredible Instagram Stories Hacks You Should Know About

5 Incredible Instagram Stories Hacks You Should Know About
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How well do you really know about the Instagram story features? We have put together the best hacks for your next story and reveal the influencer's professional tips to you. This is how you surprise your followers with creative stories.

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For the newbies among Instagram users, the basics in a nutshell: In addition to an Instagram post, a story is a way of sharing pictures and videos with your followers. This is also possible for a selected group of users (“close friends” function). Unlike a post, a story is more out of everyday life and only visible in your profile for 24 hours. The story is then irrevocably deleted, unless you add it to your profile as a permanent highlight beforehand (see point 3 below). We'll explain the following instructions using iOS , but they're pretty similar for Android devices.

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Tip 1: More action thanks to GIFs, stickers and music

The most beautiful videos, pictures or boomerangs can be given that certain something with the right gifs and stickers. To do this, select the sticker symbol in the top right of your story . A menu with a large number of functions will now appear. Pick your suitable GIF or add a music sticker to your picture or video. If you scroll down the menu, you will also find stickers and the classic emojis to insert into your story. When inserting music, you can also fast forward or rewind to a specific point in the song. In the case of videos, it is advisable to mute the original sound beforehand using the familiar "Mute" symbol in the menu. You can also use the smiley face next to the sticker menu symbol to subsequently use animated filters insert for photos and videos, also face filters when recording a selfie video. Let off steam and discover the countless possibilities for your unique story.

Tip 2: Copy photos directly into your story

Did you know that any photo can be easily pasted onto a colored background or another image? To do this, first go to your recordings on your smartphone. Click on "Copy Photo". Then open the Instagram app and swipe right to start your story. Now you can select an image or choose a colored background under "Design" at the bottom of the navigation system. The color of the area can be changed using the circle at the bottom right. If you are satisfied with the color, tap on "continue" in the upper right corner. Tap again to add a text, but hold it down until the "Insert" button appears. Your picture is now inserted and you can enlarge it as you wishand arrange it in the desired place in your story. If you want to add several photos to a story, you can simply copy and paste them one after the other.

Tip 3: Save stories as highlights and download them

So that your lovingly designed stories are visible on your channel for a long time, you can simply save them as a highlight. To do this, click on the large "+" above your feed in your profile. Now select the stories you want from your current stories, tap on “Next” at the top, give the highlight a name and click “Add”. Your highlight is already permanently visible in the profile. If you are creating new stories, you can now simply click on the "highlight symbol" with the heart in the middle and add each story individually to one of your existing highlights. For real professionals, we also recommend the preview images of the highlights to design uniformly colored with lettering. Using various free tools such as Canva, you can easily create uniform graphics in the form of an Instagram post on your smartphone, e.g. with a colored circle around the text in the middle. Now go to the respective highlight and click on "... More" at the bottom right, then "Edit highlight" . Now you can change the cover picture or deselect individual stories and save the editing using the "Done" button.

You can of course also download your story. To do this, open your story and click on "... More" at the bottom right and then on "Save" .

Tip 4: Arouse curiosity: teaser mail or photos

You have probably already asked yourself how you can teaser your new post in your own story without showing the complete picture? Use your photo from the post and upload it to your story. Now tap on the "Paint" symbol in the upper right corner. Choose your favorite color. You can also use the eyedropper to pick up a certain color tone from your photo by selecting the icon at the bottom left and dragging the magnifying glass with a dot to the appropriate place in your photo. Once the color is selected, briefly press and hold your finger on the display. Now the picture is completely filled in your desired color. You can now use the eraser in the upper right corner to "rub off" part of the image. About "Undo"in the top left you can erase again if you need to try again. Use the course on the left edge of the screen to change the thickness of the eraser. Add an animated text to visit your profile. Of course you can also use GIFs, stickers and much more. insert.

Tip 5: Switch to a free business profile for more features

In order to find out useful statistics and analysis insights about your profile and stories, it is worth switching to a business profile. Although everyone can find out in their story which users have seen them when they wipe up, more detailed user numbers are only available in connection with a business profile. Here you can find out more about your target group and thus develop your channel further. You can also use a “swipe up” link with 10,000 or more followersintegrate into your story to link to external websites. With a business account you can of course also advertise your posts, place advertisements and much more. The only catch: Your profile will then be public and everyone can see your pictures without having to send you a request beforehand. However, you can switch back to a private account in the settings at any time.

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