Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students
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A type of essay in which you will tell a story from your perspective. You can write any story such as about adventure, personal experience, incident, etc. It is a great way of practicing for students to improve their storytelling and writing skills. 

The storytelling way should be interesting to attract the reader's attention and understand your point. The aim of narrative essay writing is to tell a story. But it does not seem very easy. 

You have to write an essay that can also entertain nature with a point. It means it must have a central idea or theme. So, that it indicates the specific experience's importance and teaches a lesson. 

Tips for choosing a Best Narrative Essay Topic

It is vital in many ways to choose some good narrative essay topics . You can consider the following tips to choose the best topic.

1.    Choose an interesting topic

The students make common mistakes in choosing a topic. Don't choose raw, dry, emotionless, plain, and boring topics. Always remember the purpose of your writing. It would help if you choose good essay topics that are engaging, touching, and unique. 

2.    Choose an event/incident

The best topic for writing a narrative essay is to choose a topic from your real life because you can easily explain the incident/event from your personal experience. 

3.    Add meaningful and engaging content

It is a great opportunity for you to write about a personally interesting topic. But the content should be meaningful and engaging and focus on what matters to you. 

4.    Prewriting Stage

Creating a good story is a great step to completing the desired task and getting good grades. Most students don't prefer to outline before writing the whole story. Don't skip this step. It would help if you made a plan to write a good story. 

5.    Add Antagonist

An antagonist does not mean you can add someone who opposes you. It can be a behavior, condition, place, or anything else. The antagonist aims to stop you from progressing. However, the tension created between you and the antagonist is helpful to attain the reader's attention. 

6.    Play with language

You can create a more interesting picture for readers. For example, you tell them you are in a bustling market. You can show sights, noises, activities, and smells. It will make the narrative essay more attractive to the reader. 

7.    Add scene moments

A good story has both the former and the latter. Events are open in the former in slow motion, while the latter indicates the summary reflecting on the scene intervals. 

8.    Follow the format 

You should follow the following format while writing a narrative essay. 

Introduction: The introduction part should be more attractive by adding the hook. It will give the reader an idea of the essay's theme. 

Body Paragraphs: In this part, the writer describes in detail scenes and events that happened. It developed the characters of the story and created a useful dialogue. 

Conclusion: This part consists of a few lines, to sum up, the story. You can add a lesson learned from your story in this section. 

9.    Revision

Revision is the last stage of the writing process. This process involves paying attention to your introduction section. And check the points that come across. In the end, proofread and check the formatting of the essay in terms of quotation marks, punctuations, grammatical errors, etc. 


Best narrative essay topic Ideas

When students are preparing to write a narrative essay, they have two choices:

  • Topic proposed by the instructor/tutor
  • You can choose a topic of your own choice

You can choose a diverse narrative essay topics for college students by considering the following:

1.    Experience

A narrative essay aims to write a good article about your experiences in life. You can brainstorm all the positive or negative ideas related to your experience. Examples of narrative essay topics for college students are:

  • The most frightening experience
  • Memorable moments with your family
  • Unforgettable moments with friends during a college trip 
  • An incident that helps you conquer fear
  • A lesson you learned about real-world values

2.    Childhood

Childhood consists of bright memories and early experiences. You have something interesting to tell the world related to your childhood memories. It can make a good background for narrative essay writing. 

Following are examples of essay topics related to childhood memories:

  • Your favorite childhood fairytale shows
  • Memorable moments with friends during a school trip
  • Your favorite game during childhood and why
  • Your favorite personality during childhood 

3.    College Life

You are entering a college means a new world, new people, a new education system, and new impressions. There are a lot of narrative essay topics about college life, such as:

  • Your first experience in your first class
  • Your first day at college
  • Which of the following best describes your idea of college in your opinion: partying, studying, or realizing your dreams?
  • Give an example of a lecture that motivated you to go out and do amazing things.

4.    Historical and Cultural topics

Narrative essay topics related to culture are great discussions to start as you can ask people about culture. You can also discuss certain aspects of culture from your point of view if your instructor/teacher chooses a narrative essay topic. It may be related to social studies and history. Students become more accustomed to the writing process; you may look for opportunities for them to expand their writing to other areas of study. The history narrative essay is a fantastic genre for achieving all of these goals.

5.    Hobbies 

Hobbies may end up igniting a lifetime of hobbies or community involvement. When their passions can be incorporated into their professions, most people find they are happy. In addition, people are drawn to one another depending on their actions and travels. Consider the question, "What do I enjoy doing?" Or "Why do I choose this certain genre of music?"


College students of almost all disciplines have to write a narrative essay. You can follow the above-mentioned tips to choose the best narrative essay topic. Hopefully, these ideas will help you develop interesting content for your narrative essay. 

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