5 Essentials Long-Term Accommodations Should Have

5 Essentials Long-Term Accommodations Should Have
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Going on a long trip anytime soon? Then you’re in luck! What this article contains is something that’ll come in handy when it comes to choosing the right accommodation for your trip so keep reading!

Long-term stays are nice due to tons of factors such as not being time-pressures, being able to visit more places and try new dishes, having more time to make good connections when meeting new people and well, so much more!

But of course, the reason why most people don’t go for long-term vacations often is because this can be quite costly. Apart from food, tours and other costs, accommodation is what really eats up your travel budget!

So if you want to go on long-term trips without really damaging your finances, all you need to do is to properly plan out your trip and also greatly consider the accommodation you’re going to stay at. A good lodging can have you spending less for more! To give you an idea, good long-term lodging will have these amenities:

1 - Good location & accessible!

When choosing a place to stay during your trip, put comfort first by choosing one that's close to essential establishments like pharmacies, grocery shops, public transit hubs, and medical facilities.

Take into account the distance to your place and sites you want to visit during your trip in order to save commute time and have an allowance of time to look around, visit new spaces along the way and so on. The quality of your trip can be further improved by the existence of parks or other recreational spaces close by, which offer chances for outdoor leisure and relaxation.

2 - Comfortable living spaces

You should have a cosy, functional living area in your extended stay spaces. This includes a floor plan that suits your needs in terms of square footage, enough storage, cosy furnishings, and conveniences like air conditioning, heating, and lighting. Think about if the space's layout and decor accommodate your tastes and, if you're sharing lodgings, whether seclusion is permitted.

3 - One that’s safe and secured

When choosing a place to stay, safety needs to be the first consideration. If you live in a place where security is an issue, look for features like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, safe locks, and maybe even a security system. Concierge-staffed buildings or gated communities can offer an extra degree of protection and comfort.

4 - Offers great utilities and services

When choosing a place to stay, give top priority to lodgings that have easy access to or provide basic utilities and services like heating, hot water, electricity, internet, cable or streaming services, trash collection, and upkeep. And if you stay in accommodations like serviced apartments, you can even expect a kitchen and a laundry area in your unit.

Convenience and overall quality enhancement are ensured when these amenities are easily accessible, adding to the comfort and enjoyment of your stay. It is imperative that you verify these clauses in advance to prevent any annoyance or disturbance during your stay.

5 - Offers great amenities and community facilities

Consider the amenities and shared spaces that are offered, including a gym, pool, common areas, laundry rooms, parking, and outdoor areas, when selecting a place to stay. By providing chances for socialising with neighbours or other residents, these facilities enhance the quality of life and promote a feeling of community and wellbeing. Giving priority to the use of these resources can improve your quality of life by encouraging social and physical interaction in your living space.

Examples of long-term accommodations:

Now you know what a good long-term accommodation should offer during your stay, we can also give you ideas of long-term accommodations to consider:

  • Rental apartments - Apartments, which range in size from studios to multi-bedroom homes, provide flexible living spaces with features like kitchens and baths as well as common areas like laundry rooms or gyms.
  • Rental homes - Compared to apartments, renting or leasing a home offers greater privacy and space. A house usually has many bedrooms, bathrooms, a yard, and perhaps even a garage or driveway.  
  • Rental condominiums - Condos are like apartments, except they are usually privately owned apartments inside of bigger buildings, and they frequently have features like fitness centres, swimming pools, and security.
  • Extended-stay hotels - These are options serve those who want a place to stay for a few weeks or months. They provide hotel-quality facilities with the ease of extended stays, and many even include full kitchens or kitchenettes. 
  • Serviced apartments - Serviced apartments include cleaning, concierge services, and occasionally other amenities like business centres or recreational areas, combining the comforts of an apartment with the conveniences of a hotel. 

Take away

When choosing long-term housing, you should give priority to certain necessities like community amenities, safety features, and easy access to necessary services. This will help you make sure that your living arrangement satisfies your needs and supports a pleasant and satisfying lifestyle, which will improve your general well-being and satisfaction.

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