Why You Should Stay in Affordable Accommodations on Trips!

Why You Should Stay in Affordable Accommodations on Trips!
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23 November 2023

Travelling is something that a lot of people enjoy and it’s no surprise why! Travelling allows you to experience new things like try new delicacies, meet new people, visit new places and even create more memories.

But one thing you can’t deny is how costly travelling can be. Since you have to consider food, transportation, airfare and so much more. Among the many expenditures to consider, the one that’s pretty heavy on the pocket is accommodations.

That’s why most people, when they travel, look for affordable lodging! And if you’re someone who hasn’t considered this yet, you might want to rethink that. Choosing to stay at affordable accommodations during your travels can be pretty beneficial for so many reasons, and here is a list:

1 - Its cost efficient

This one might seem pretty obvious but it is one of the biggest perks when staying in affordable accommodations. Staying in cheaper lodging allows you to save more money compared to staying in luxury hotels and resorts. This can also help you allocate your budget towards other things like availing more tours, going shopping, trying more delicacies and so on.

2 - Will give you a local experience

Staying in affordable lodging will usually feel more authentic and can give you a more local experience. And affordable accommodations are usually locally run, they may be family-owned or even located in non-tourist areas. So this gives you a chance to really immerse yourself in the authenticity and culture of the place you’re visiting.

3 - More days!

Staying in affordable accommodations means you can have longer trips! And for accommodations like serviced apartments, the longer you stay, the cheaper your rate becomes per night. This allows you to really enjoy yourself with no rush without breaking the bank.

4 - Allows you to better focus on your trip

When lodging costs don't take up a large percentage of your budget, you have more money to spend on activities, local cuisine, sightseeing, and other travel-related pursuits. Plus this also lessens your worry about money, giving you more head space to focus on time with your loved ones and the overall trip experience. 

5 - Allows you to meet new people

Unlike big fancy hotels, affordable accommodations are much more intimate and can be a great way to meet new people. Some accommodations like hostels have shared rooms, showers, comfort rooms, lobby and even dining areas. So this allows you to make new friends and mingle with other travellers.

6 - Makes you more adaptable

Choosing reasonably priced lodging might help you develop your capacity to adapt and solve problems. It may not always be as plush or comfy as more upscale choices, but it might give your trip an extra element of excitement.

But again, this is only for accommodations like motels, hostels and so on. Because there are reasonably priced places that are both comfortable and affordable, like 2-star hotels, serviced apartments, Airbnb and so on. 

What are examples of affordable accommodations?

There are tons of reasonably priced lodging around the world but that may depend on where you’re visiting. But to still help you out, here is a rundown of common affordable accommodations to consider:

  • Hostels - This lodging uses dormitory-style lodging, you will be sharing a room with other tourists. They're well renowned for being reasonably priced and serve as great venues for meeting other tourists. For a marginally extra fee, some hostels also provide private rooms.
  • Budget hotels - Certain hotels target budget-conscious guests by providing fewer facilities or smaller rooms. They might lack the luxurious features of upscale hotels, but they nonetheless offer modest lodging at a reduced cost.
  • Airbnb rentals - It's frequently less expensive to rent homes, flats, or rooms via websites like Airbnb than it is to stay in hotels. Also, you could have a kitchen where you can cook for yourself and save costs on eating out even further.
  • Capsule hotels - Small, simple sleeping pods are provided by capsule hotels, which are more common in various Asian nations. They offer a distinctive experience for tourists seeking something new and are reasonably priced.
  • Serviced apartments - Serviced apartments, are completely furnished lodgings that offer all the conveniences of home combined with hotel facilities. They are made to accommodate guests who want more room, privacy, and flexibility than standard hotel rooms. And are intended for both short- and long-term visits. 


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