5 Advantages of Getting Implant Overdentures

5 Advantages of Getting Implant Overdentures
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24 November 2022

Implant overdentures can be described as a treatment option that is offered to an edentulous patient. A patient is usually recommended to opt for this when they are suffering from a dental issue that cannot be fixed using a complete denture or an implant prosthesis. 

Because of the distinctive benefits offered by them, implant overdentures have become extremely popular. After getting implant overdentures, an individual has to adhere to certain cleaning processes and maintenance procedures on a regular basis. If you are planning to get implant overdentures, you should get in touch with Baluke Dental Studios.

Here are 5 advantages of getting dental overdentures:

Improved Digestion

After you get implant overdentures, you will notice a significant improvement in the functioning of your digestive system. When your dentures achieve a certain amount of stability, you are able to chew your food better and your digestion improves drastically. You will not face any inconvenience or discomfort while consuming any kind of food item.

More Convenience

When you opt for conventional dentures like complete dentures, fixed dentures or partial dentures, you will have to be fine with the idea of dental adhesives being applied in or around your gums during the procedure. Adhesives are used to retain the dentures. However, when you go for implant overdentures, you will not have to go through such processes. The convenience offered by implant overdentures is one of the primary reasons why many opt for it.

Ease of Eating

When you suffer from a major dental issue or your teeth go missing, you find it difficult to eat or chew several types of food items. After undergoing dental implant procedures, some people end up suffering from complications that force them to change their dietary habits. Implant overdentures ensure that you do not come across any hindrances while consuming your food.

Good Aesthetics

Whenever somebody is about to go for a dental implant procedure, they are concerned about how the procedure would alter their appearance. When you opt for implant overdentures, you should not let any such thoughts cloud your mind. Implant overdentures assure the patient of good aesthetics. You will look as good as you do with your natural teeth. Getting implant overdentures doesn’t have a negative impact on the psyche of the patient. 

Better Stability

Whether there are any dental implants in your mouth or not, the implant overdentures will remain intact. The overdentures help the jaw bone stay stimulated. They also contribute towards slowing down the resorption or loss of bone jaw after an individual loses their teeth. After getting implant overdentures, an individual will not suffer from any instability within their mouth. When you speak to your dentist, they will enlighten you further about it.

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