How Snap-on Dentures Work

How Snap-on Dentures Work
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27 December 2023

For a snap-on denture to stay in place, two implants are usually required, but up to four are possible. The prosthesis slides into a clipped position onto the implant abutments when pressure is applied to it. Because the implants prevent the denture from rocking or moving throughout the day, there is no need for messy adhesives or pastes.

How Snap-on Dentures Work

Unlike All-on-4 implants or implant bridges, a snap-on denture is removable. It combines a traditional denture’s affordability with fixed implant reliability.

How Snap-on Dentures Work

Implant-stabilized dentures are an excellent investment for anyone who needs dentures but wants the added confidence of what dental implants offer.

Snap-On Dentures vs. Fixed Implants

Many people are unaware that even after being snapped on, overdentures still feel big and heavy in their mouths. Even though the “plate” covers their palate, it still gets in the way of their ability to talk and eat normally. Even so, it’s a significant improvement over a denture that constantly rocks or slips.

How Snap-on Dentures Work

Snap-on, however, are nothing compared to hybrid, fixed implant options. If you decide to use a “All-on-4” approach or something similar to permanently restore your tooth arch, you will have a completely new smile that won’t move or snap out of place.

Your new teeth with a fixed hybrid appliance are:

  • Non-removable
  • Contoured to the shape of your mouth
  • Easy to eat and speak with
  • Healthier for your bone support
  • More natural-looking

There are straightforward differences between fixed implants and overdentures in daily life. You still need to take out your “teeth” at night and give your snap-on denture a thorough cleaning every time you eat. Conversely, Snap- enables you to clean your teeth, floss, and head straight to bed. There’s no greater chance of awkward situations involving family members.

How Snap-on Dentures Work

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