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We help property managers and building owners simplify energy compliance. One Platform to Simplify Building Upgrades & Compliance. We believe the greatest impact we can have on improving commercial buildings is by helping property owners/managers get more done with less. By taking the hassle out of identifying new opportunities, implementing upgrades and complying with various, and often confusing, local and federal sustainability regulations. If our platform makes all this simple, then more property

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owners will take action to improve their buildings and realize significant returns on investments, in terms of decreasing operating costs as well as increasing property values.

Overcoming Energy Management Challenges in Commercial and Industrial Customers

Energy management has become a critical concern for businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors. With increasing energy costs, environmental regulations, and the growing awareness of sustainab...
29 November ·
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Screams and Sustainability: NYC's Local Law 97 Nightmare

As Halloween approaches, and the streets of New York City transform into a spooky spectacle of ghosts, goblins, and witches, there's another chilling phenomenon that haunts the minds of property owners and businesses across the city. It goes by the ominous name of Local Law 97, a terrifying m...
01 November ·
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What are the emerging trends in energy benchmarking for businesses?

In an era defined by innovation and sustainability, businesses find themselves at the crossroads of opportunity and responsibility. One crucial avenue where these intersect is energy benchmarking—a practice that not only illuminates the path to efficiency but also guides the journey towards...
04 October ·
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The Role of Government in Enforcing Energy Laws and Compliance

In an era defined by the urgent need to address climate change and environmental sustainability, energy laws have emerged as pivotal tools for shaping a more responsible and resilient energy landscape...
19 September ·
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