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Exploring the Incredible Band Gap Energy of Graphene

Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, has been captivating the scientific community ever since its discovery in 2004. With its remarkable electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties, graphene has earned its place as a material of interest in a wide range of app...
12 September ·
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Amorphous Solids: Unraveling the Mystery of "Supercooled Liquids"

Amorphous solids, often referred to as "supercooled liquids," are a class of materials that defy the traditional classification of solids due to their unique atomic structure and properties. These materials have puzzled scientists for decades because they appear to possess charac...
28 August ·
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Vacancy Defects in Solids: Unveiling the Missing Pieces

In the fascinating realm of materials science, the study of defects within solids uncovers the secrets behind their properties and behavior. Among these defects, vacancy defects hold a special place. They are like missing puzzle pieces in the crystal lattice structure, creating unique opportunities...
13 July ·
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