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Tousief Irshad Ahmed

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Gaming is in my lifeblood. I derive HPs from gaming and writing about games. Fallout, Warcraft, C&C and Bannerlord are my favourite titles....Stay tuned for more updates!

T-34 vs the Panzer : Tousief Irshad Ahmed

Undoubtedly, T-34 was the most versatile and Hardy tank of WW2 which was mass produced by the Russians, sometimes freshly made unpainted units were brought into battle a few blocks away! The Panzer wa...
05 January · 0 · 2 · Tousief Irshad Ahmed

Tousief Irshad Ahmed's Gaming life and Fallout

I started gaming when I was 11, back then the standard games were Mario, Contra, dungeons and dragons. But Fallout was always my favourite title. Beginning from the first 2 titles in the game all the...
04 December 2022 · 0 · 1 · Tousief Irshad Ahmed