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When designing and producing precision metal stamped components, engineers and project managers representing the manufacturer like Metal Stamping Dies, its suppliers, and the metal stamper must have a discuss about the options about producing the perfect product so as to ensure optimal performance. Whether you need to inhibit corrosion, or improve appearance, metal finishing is an important step for all precision metal stamping manufacturers that should be considered from the beginning of the process.

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Coatings are applied to the surface of a part. Electro-coating or e-coating is often used as a primer for corrosion protection, while powder coating is added for aesthetic reasons by tool and dies company. Some applications, particularly in the automotive industry, require coating by aluminum casting manufacturers. Many custom metal stampings die makers require metal plating, ranging from large auto parts to miniature electronic components. Plating is primarily used to improve the appearance of a part or to inhibit corrosion by tool design company.

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