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Nabu Energy 39899 Balentine Dr suite 200, Newark, CA 94560

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Nabu Energy is one of the top solar providers in the bay area, focusing on residential, small and large commercial customers. Nabu Energy is a certified solar and battery storage energy provider for California homeowners and businesses. We've earned a reputation for exceeding expectations over the years. Nabu Energy is confident in its service and the high quality of its products. Nabu Energy provides industry-leading PV panels, inverters, and racking systems with manufacturers' industry-leading

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warranties. Assuring that the company's first-time inspection approval rate is 99 percentile. Rest assured that when you purchase solar from Nabu Energy, you are also purchasing peace of mind. Our Professionals handle all city permits and installations. Experts in the field of energy. Relationships that are genuine. Real talk.

Nabu Energy: Empowering a Sustainable Future with Renewable Solutions

In an era where the need for clean and sustainable energy is more critical than ever, Nabu Energy emerges as a leading provider of innovative renewable energy solutions. With a mission to drive the tr...
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