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Brush up your wardrobe with Coats thread, the most fashionable, durable and affordable thread on the market. They provide the best sewing threads in the world. They offer premium polyester and fibre optics yarns. Coat threads are used by several leading brands.

Types of Cotton Sewing Thread

While polyester threads are popular, many projects demand the characteristics that only a cotton sewing thread can provide. Coats specialises in delivering just that. Our Tre Cerchi line of cotton sew...
27 September ·
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Rugged Threads That Withstand the Demands of Denim Manufacturing

Creating durable denim products involves more than just having high-quality fabrics; it's also about using high-quality, rugged thread. These threads are designed specifically to enhance the sewing pr...
27 July ·
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The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Threads – Types and Applications

At Coats, you can find the widest range of high-quality threads for sewing machines. Our selection includes specially engineered sewing threads that can outperform regular materials in terms of longev...
01 June ·
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What are Sutures? How a Suture is Made

Sterile surgical threads (also called sutures) are used to repair deep cuts, wounds, and surgical incisions. Sutures can either be absorbable or non-absorbable. Absorbable sutures are broken down by e...
13 March ·
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