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BELL IP LAW is a full service Intellectual Property law firm you can trust with all your IP. Whether you represent a small or large corporation, a major university, a dynamic foreign law firm or a tiny start-up, we are always here to help.

Navigating the Trademark Filing Process in California: A Comprehensive Guide

  In the dynamic and competitive business landscape of California, protecting your brand is crucial for long-term success. One effective way to safeguard your brand identity is by filing for a trademark. Trademark registration provides legal recognition and exclusive rights to use your brand...
28 December 2023 ·
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Patent Filing in Salt Lake City: A Comprehensive Guide

  In the vibrant and innovative city of Salt Lake City, entrepreneurs, inventors, and businesses are continually pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity. If you have developed a groundbreaking invention, the next logical step is to protect your intellectual property through paten...
14 November 2023 ·
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Patent Attorney California

Why Should You Choose an Attorney in San Francisco? In the bustling and dynamic city of San Francisco, individuals and businesses alike often find themselves in need of legal counsel. Whether it's...
20 October 2023 ·
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