Why crypto games must level up: On chain gaming pros and cons (Play to Earn vs. Play and Earn)
Crypto games stand to be the next  big thing in the gaming world,   revolutionizing digital ownership and the way  players interact with in-game items and economies. And yet, the p...

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11 Ways to Save On Your Next Online Purchase
Introduction Finding the best deals while switching between twenty different websites for your desired purchases can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience for those who love to shop online....

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - FIRST REAL LOOK At The Crease
 Samsung\'s Galaxy Z Fold lineup has come a  long way in the few years they’ve been around.   There’s a real, tangible novelty to the  ways in which they differ fro...

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History of The Morton Salt Girl: Who Is She? (Umbrella And All)
Truly thinking outside the box, the designers at the Morton Salt Company decided to package their new, free-flowing salt in a cylindrical shaped container.

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Meta Reveals VR Headset Prototypes Designed to Make VR 'Indistinguishable From Reality'
Meta says its ultimate goal with its VR hardware is to make a comfortable, compact headset with visual finality that’s ‘indistinguishable from reality’. Today the company revealed its latest VR headset prototypes which it says represent steps toward that goal. Meta has made it no secret that it’s du...

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Samsung Busted For Cheating TV Test Benchmarks
Modern reviewers put modern televisions through a gamut of different tests to determine display brightness, quality, power consumption, and other factors. Samsung, apparently thought it would be a …

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The Brain Has a ‘Low-Power Mode’ That Blunts Our Senses | Quanta Magazine
Neuroscientists uncovered an energy-saving mode in vision-system neurons that works at the cost of being able to see fine-grained details.

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Is Buying More RAM a WASTE for Gamers? (2022)
Thanks to Crucial for sponsoring this video! Check out Crucial's DDR5 RAM today at: gaming in 2022 on 8GB of RAM (hopefully)...

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Revealed: Our Plans For Thunderbird On Android
We're thrilled to announce our first steps on the road to delivering an outstanding Thunderbird on Android experience.

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Firefox Rolls Out Total Cookie Protection By Default To All Users | The Mozilla Blog
Take back your privacy Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most pr

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Hertzbleed Attack
Hertzbleed is a new family of side-channel attacks: frequency side channels. In the worst case, these attacks can allow an attacker to extract cryptographic keys from remote servers that were previously believed to be secure.

Hertzbleed Attack blockchain Cryptography cybersecurity

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You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much
The irony of the American economy is that the people at the top are often as unhappy and overworked as those at the bottom.

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Are You Suffering from Toxic Productivity?
Toxic productivity happens when your desire to get things done goes to an extreme. Here’s how to escape your productivity addiction.

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The Yield Curve as a Leading Indicator
This model uses the slope of the yield curve, or the “term spread” between long- and short-term interest rates, to calculate the probability of a recession in the United States twelve months ahead.

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