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Mastering Residential Air Conditioning for Your Home Oasis

During efforts to have the most suitable home oasis, there is nothing that compares with an effective residential airconditioning system. The AC unit as its name suggests does not just limit itself to temperature control; it gives you full comfort for as long as it stays in perfect condition with no leakages. Choosing the Right Unit: Mastering y...

Ventac Air Conditioning · 22 November 2023 · 1

Optimize comfort Expert sensing for Residential Air Conditioning solutions

Smart, smaller, more powerful and energy-efficient: residential airconditioning systems must fulfill a growing list of demands. Because they are used in private homes, quiet aircon systems are highly sought after. Functions such as smooth starting, a wide range of operating speeds and vibration suppression are must-haves. In addition, it must be po...

Ventac Air Conditioning · 21 November 2023 · 1

Chilled Water Piping for Residential Air Conditioning

What is Chilled Water Piping? Chilled water piping refers to a hydronic air conditioning system that uses circulating water as the medium to transfer thermal energy from indoor spaces to outdoor cooling equipment. It works on the same basic refrigeration principles as a conventional air conditioner but uses water loops instead of air ducts.In a c...

Ventac Air Conditioning · 18 November 2023 · 2