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Discover the magic of Alphabetz Montessori!

 With Montessori activities, children engage in hands-on learning experiences tailored to their individual interests and abilities. From practical life exercises like pouring and sorting to sensorial activities that stimulate the senses, ev...

Alphabetz Montessori · 15 February · 1

Establishing Lasting Peace Is The Work Of Education,

Where Education Fuels Lasting Peace Our approach focuses on cultivating not just knowledge, but also the values of curiosity,independence and harmony.Join us in shaping a generation that understands the power of education in establishing a world of e...

Alphabetz Montessori · 01 February · 1

Child Centric Learning Approach at San Antonio,

Embark on a transformative educational journey with us!At Alphabetz Montessori, we're dedicated to providing an enriching environment that fosters curiosity, creativity,and the development of essential life skills.  Discover the best in Montess...

Alphabetz Montessori · 30 January · 1