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Winter Care: 10 Essential Tips for Newborns

Navigating winters with a newborn? Here are 10 simple yet crucial things by Care For Child to keep in mind for your little one's comfort. From the warmth of a swaddle wrap to the reliability of cloth diapers, discover the essentials that make baby wi...

Care for Child · 18 December 2023 · 2

Cloth Diapering on a Budget: How to Save Money and Reduce Waste

In the world of parenting, every choice we make has an impact not only on our little ones but also on the environment and our wallets. As eco-consciousness grows, many parents turn to a sustainable and budget-friendly alternative – cloth diaper...

SuperBottoms · 13 November 2023 · 2

A Reusable Cloth Diaper for Babies in India

There is a transformative trend sweeping through Indian parenting circles - the adoption of cloth diapers. Parents in India are seeking sustainable alternatives that combine comfort with environmental consciousness, which is why washable cloth diaper...

SuperBottoms · 14 August 2023 · 2