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What are the job responsibilities of a professional dentist?

Dentists are known to be the doctors of oral health, but it is often doubted whether dentists are doctors or not. However, they should be considered doctors as they specialize in oral health. They have certain responsibilities like teeth whitening in Calgary, extractions, etc. Some of the other job responsibilities of a dentist are listed below. A...

Pathways Dental Clinic · 10 November 2023 · 5

5 Most Definite Reasons for Teeth Whitening to Be One of the Most Popular Treatments

Perhaps the first thing people will notice about us is our grin. It is essential to create that favorable first impression. People who are unhappy with the way their grin looks might not be living life to the fullest. They could feel ashamed to laugh...

Pathways Dental Clinic · 16 October 2023 · 3