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Key Benefits of Using Invisalign

Silent and almost unnoticeable The fact that Invisalign is invisible is one of its key benefits. The smooth, clear material that is used to create Invisalign aligners is made especially to fit your teeth. This suggests that when you wear them, you h...

Edge Orthodontics · 11 March · 1

Top Advantages of Invisalign Braces

Traditional metal braces were the treatment of choice for people who wanted to straighten their teeth for a long time. However, because of their many advantages, Invisalign clear braces have swiftly gained popularity as an alternative. With the use of the clear aligner system Invisalign, teeth can be straightened without the need of the metal wires...

Edge Orthodontics · 12 April 2023 · 2

Orthodontics Can Be Used In Treating Issues Other Than Crooked Teeth

The potential of orthodontics to enhance dental health is one of its key advantages. Most people believe that using braces or aligners merely enhances one's smile. However, orthodontic treatment can also enhance dental and oral health. Braces made of clear ceramic are a fantastic alternative for treating severe malocclusions while prioritising app...

Edge Orthodontics · 11 January 2023 · 2