Yoga Post Surgery – Accelerate Healing Post Surgery with Yoga

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Yoga post surgery refers to the practice of yoga after a surgical procedure to aid in recovery and promote healing. After surgery, yoga can help improve flexibility, range of motion, and circulation, and reduce stress and tension by improving flexibility, range of motion, and circulation.

We often get clients referred by cardiologists to help with the stress management benefits of yoga, research has found that the risk of cardiac arrests increases greatly when the patient suffers from chronic stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Working with clients one on one helps to bring a greater mental balance and inner calm through gentle movement, assisted stretching to release built-up tension, and calming breathing techniques and meditation to relax the mind and bring the brainwaves to an alpha state. It helps heart patients in improving cardiovascular health, what about post-op recovery?

With orthopaedic surgery personalized yoga classes speed up the rehabilitation process. With a trained eye in symmetrical movement and experts in anatomy, our team ensures that the joint tracks correctly and that the correct muscles are engaged. Very often we experience muscular skeletal pain due to poor posture and muscles compensating for stiffness, for example, a forward stooping upper back limits the movement of the diaphragm in breathing causing the breath to be short and shallow, this lowers energy levels and bringing tension around the neck and shoulders.

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