WooCommerce Store : 5 Ways To Boost The Performance

WooCommerce Store : 5 Ways To Boost The Performance
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25 December 2023

WooCommerce shop is an excellent alternative for creating a fully unique e-commerce business.

Customers will most likely quit a website that takes more over 3 seconds to load a page.

The higher the abandonment rate of your eCommerce business, the smaller the income.

Previously, your eCommerce development company may have promised you a superb eCommerce store during the WooCommerce development process. However, since time has passed, you are now experiencing website loading speed difficulties. And you have two basic questions: what causes sluggish website loading and how to speed up web page loading time.

So, let us get started!

First, you must determine your website's loading speed. Some of your pages may now load more quickly than others. Don't worry; certain programs will assist you in determining the loading speed of your website per page.

There are various tools available to test your website's loading speed; nevertheless, here are a few suggestions: -

  • Insights on Google Page Speed
  • GTmetrix
  • Other speed testing tools, depending on your requirements and tastes, include Pingdom, Load Impact, and Show Slow.


Let us give you a little introduction before we start assaulting you with facts. Cyblance Technologies is an 18-year-old Web, mobile, and eCommerce development firm with a fantastic and highly experienced workforce. And, believe me, we've accumulated a lot of experience in the last 18 years.Now let’s begin with fixing the issue of the slow loading speed of your website.

1. Elevating the Memory Limit of WordPress in WooCommerce Store

WordPress's default memory is set to 32MB; exceeding this limit results in a fatal error message.

There are two methods for increasing the RAM limit in your eCommerce store:

Edit out the .htaccess file

If your line indicates 64M, try 256M: Memory Limit = 256M.

I realize it's too technical and uninteresting. But don't worry; any eCommerce development firm can assist you with this quickly.

2. Image Optimization speed up WooCommerce 

speed optimization

If photos are not optimized, large stores with hundreds of goods might take an eternity to load. Plugins like as Imagify may improve the quality of JPG, PNG, and GIF pictures by up to 70%. 50% of total Lazy loading photos can also help your business load faster. When the consumer browse across the pages, any pictures that appear will only be loaded via lazy loading.

3. Using Cache Plugins

Caching can assist merchants in increasing the performance of their WooCommerce shop by caching or keeping a duplicate of store resources. In order to do so, we must consider the following:

a) Server Caching:

It allows it to recall how the page will look so it won’t generate it next time.

b) Browser Caching:

It also remembers how the page will look, so it won’t have to ask the server to send the page repeatedly.

Cache plugins like as W3 Rocket, W3 Total Cache, Breeze WordPress, and others can help the website load quicker. We encourage installing these plugins throughout WooCommerce custom development, but if you forget, don't worry; installing and activating plugins is simple.

4. Using CDN(Content Delivery Network) for increasing the speed

This is a little more complex than just installing plugins on your WooCommerce store. You may require the aid of a WooCommerce store developer, or you can engage a WooCommerce development business to boost the speed of your WooCommerce shop through the use of a Content Delivery Network.

CDNs aid in the resolution of the geographical distance problem between servers and users. If the user and server locations are far apart, the content packet must travel a long distance from the shopper's browser, slowing down the pace.

CDN Speed

material Delivery Networks store a duplicate of your material on servers all around the world. When a visitor accesses the website, the browser downloads the material from the nearest server, minimizing load time. 

Before signing up with a CDN, it is critical to understand the demographics and bandwidth usage of the target audience. When you're ready to scale up, you should also consider KeyCDN, Amazon CloudFront, and StackPath.

5. Getting a Better WordPress Hosting Provider Service

Hosting is the backbone of your website's architecture that manages traffic and important data. Because there is less traffic, shared inexpensive hosting is ideal for startups or tiny internet enterprises.

wordprss hosting

It helps customers to access the website more quickly and efficiently. However, when your traffic increases, you will want VPS/Dedicated hosting with more disk space, RAM, and bandwidth. A good hosting provider should provide technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your inquiries and address your issues.


If your WooCommerce store is as sluggish as a turtle, you will lose a lot of leads and sales since not every tortoise wins the race. As a result, if you believe you can manage making these crucial modifications to your existing operational eCommerce business on your own, that is OK. However, keep in mind that even a minor mistake when experimenting with these approaches might cost you your entire shop.

Enough with the ominous language. Finally, we would strongly advise visiting an expert eCommerce shop developer or a WordPress development business. They'll know just what to do and how to turn your snail eCommerce shop into a quick rabbit.

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