WLTP Testing and Fuel Efficiency: What Car Buyers Need to Know

WLTP Testing and Fuel Efficiency: What Car Buyers Need to Know
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23 November 2023

WLTP is the abbreviation for Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure. It is a global standard that is necessary for measuring the electric driving range, fuel economy, emissions, pollutants emissions and carbon dioxide emissions. Another concept is that of Fuel efficiency. It refers to the measure of the effectiveness of a fuel in producing energy. 

Both these concepts are highly fundamental to the automotive industry and its companies. Being a car buyer, one must be aware of certain factors regarding these two aspects of the automotive industry. The following discussion will discuss what car buyers need to know regarding WLTP testing and fuel efficiency.

Autocar guide to WLTP emissions testing

The first crucial aspect is the Autocar guide to WLTP emissions testing. It involves the information on how the WLTP test process works and is carried out. The procedure is somewhat similar to the process of NEDC, which integrates the European Union Urban Driving Cycle, the ECE and the Extra-Urban Driving Cycle, the EUDC. It takes place on a tooting road under laboratory conditions. However, the similarities are restricted here. The duration for the WLTP test is 30 minutes only, while the NEDC process takes as many as five days to complete. 

WLTP regulations

Another essential aspect which car buyers must know is the different WLTP regulations. Here are some of the regulations regarding the WLTP test which you must know.

WLTP driving cycles 

The WLTP includes a set of driving cycles. It is representative of the numerous types of driving conditions, such as urban, highway and suburban driving.


The test vehicles load with added weightage for improved representation of the real-world conditions with luggage and passengers.

Dynamic cycle

The WLTP consists of a dynamic cycle with minimum speeds, more robust acceleration, deceleration and higher average, which is absent in NEDC.

Test conditions 

The environment for testing is laboratory-arranged and consists of strict road gradient, temperature, and luggage necessities. 

WLTP CO2 Vehicle Emissions Test

The WLTP CO2 Vehicle Emissions Test is in the WLTP test processes, which involves measuring carbon dioxide emissions from a particular vehicle. The greater the mission, the worse its quality. Also, it is related to the concept of fuel efficiency. The more emissions there are, the less fuel efficiency the vehicle will be. Additionally, the test measures the quantity of other pollution-causing elements such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen. The test guarantees that the emissions from the vehicles fall within the legally permitted limits. 

Final Words

The vehicles functional in the automotive industry must abide by the rules and regulations of the WLTP. Jato offers the best solutions and services to help its client companies attain the best automobile components, which precisely fall parallel to the regulations of the WLTP test procedures. If you want to ensure the best for your company in the automotive business, it is ideal to resort to Jato Solutions for its impeccable services and solutions, which ensure proficiency and affordability simultaneously.

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