Why Your TV Has Sound But No Picture

Why Your TV Has Sound But No Picture
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25 July 2023

Will your TV only play audio and not video? Is the screen on your television black? Use these fixes to resume streaming. Or call a TV servicing expert for more.


Your TV is no longer a TV; it is instead a sound system. The visual component of television has been gone. However, there is no visual information available. It's dark. Your television isn't for listening, is it? Fear not, and implement the fixes listed below.

Incorrect Settings

You may customise a wide range of settings on your TV. Some of these will have an impact on your TV's connections and influence if you will see anything. Starting with the almost insultingly apparent checks never hurts, so let's proceed.

Gentle Reset

The simplest place to begin.


  • For 60 seconds, unplug your TV. Don't simply switch it off.
  • After unplugging it, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  • On those 60 seconds, count slowly or use a watch.
  • Reconnect the cable to your TV and look for a picture. If it functions, you're done.
  • Move on to the following step if not.
  • Brightness Verify your device's brightness setting. A setting may occasionally become bugged.

Check the Inputs and Cables for HDMI

When there are issues with the HDMI Inputs, the visual signal may be interrupted but the audio will continue to work. The input sockets and the cables are the two primary points of failure.


First, disconnect and re-plug each HDMI wire from the TV and from the other connected device at both ends. Do this for each connected device to your TV.


Replace the cable from a specific source with a known-good cable. See if that is any assistance. Each source you have should be treated in turn. If this exchange resolves the issue, purchase and install a new cable.


Check the location of the source's plug-in on the TV and the source's settings. It is quite improbable that there is a mismatch between input and setting because you are currently receiving sound. In that case, move on to the next item.


It is advisable to use approved cables because non-certified HDMI cables might occasionally result in issues in this way.

Software Problems

Your TV can operate erratically if the software update feature is not enabled. A manual update is an additional action you can take to rule out a potential cause. You are not the one who can fix all you want, either. It is a good option to search for a nearby TV repair specialist.


Use a hard wired source or a flash drive inserted into a TV's USB port instead of WiFi-based updates due to their sporadic unreliability.

Factory Reset

The final step is a factory reset if the upgrade had no impact or wouldn't operate. Make a note of the numerous configurations you have changed before doing this because the reset will remove all of them.


If this fixes the no picture issue, your TV will have all factory default settings, therefore it will take some work to return to the previous configuration. Follow the reset instructions that come with your TV to complete it.

Hardware Problems

After checking the connections, connected devices, and software settings, let's examine the TV's functionality.

Check Cables

Sometimes the issue can be resolved by just detaching and rejoining each cable, even before you test the individual boards. The ribbon wires that connect the Main Board to a small board known as the T-Con board are crucial in this step.

  • Make sure the TV is unplugged first.
  • One by one, unplug and replug each cable.
  • Before reinstalling the ribbon cables, you might even wish to use a pencil eraser to clean the contacts.


Be gentle and take your time. The majority of the wires will fit nicely in just one location, but it doesn't hurt to make a tiny mark next to each one as you finish the disconnect-reconnect process.


Plug the TV back in after you've finished this to check whether an image has appeared. If so, move on to the next step; otherwise, stop.

Defective LCD panel

Your LCD panel could have failed, especially if the test for bad back lights produced an empty screen. Single horizontal or vertical lines in the image on the screen are a typical indicator of panel breakdown. Another indication of panel breakdown is distorted pictures that only appear in one location on the screen.


Physical abuse is a major factor in many panel failures. Furthermore, the panels' design, which includes chips embedded in flexible plastic or affixed to glass, leaves them susceptible to irreparable failures in the peripheral devices.


If a panel is damaged, the cost and labour of repair suffer since replacing the panel is a labour-intensive and expensive process. If replacing the panel isn't feasible financially, you can attempt selling the TV's other internal parts.


Last but not least, take precautions while doing the task. Save your time and money by looking for Television repair near me.


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