Why the Hype About Air Jordan 1 Sneakers is Deserved?

Why the Hype About Air Jordan 1 Sneakers is Deserved?
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18 October 2022

Every sneakerhead is aware that without at least one pair of Air Jordan 1, your collection isn't complete. Nothing nearly matches this enduring design, despite the NBA GOAT having produced 26 signature pairs so far.

Michael Jordan has changed both the sport of basketball and the athletic shoe business over the course of several decades. But utility isn't the only aspect of Jordans. They also provide amazing resale value, elegance, and comfort.


Discover some of the benefits of buying Air Jordan 1 sneakers in the following paragraphs.

They are OGS

The original of their type is the Air Jordan 1s. This shoe, which debuted in 1985, completely altered how the NBA and the rest of the world regarded basketball shoes. Although Nike has created other Air Jordan models since then, nothing compares to the original. You are acquiring a piece of history when you purchase a pair of Air Jordan 1.

Jordan set the standard for the business as one of the first NBA players to sign a contract with Nike. The five-year endorsement agreement cost $2.5 million at the time, plus royalties. That is equivalent to more than $500 million today.

In lows, mids, and highs available

The highs are the most recognizable pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes, but they're not the only ones. There are low and mid versions of the shoe as well. The shoe's low variant might be compared to the recently successful Nike Dunk Low. Although most sneaker collectors mostly disregarded it for years, new celebrity partnerships and striking hues have sparked its resurgence.

The most popular model is the Air Jordan 1 mid, despite not being the original. The 5.5-inch shoe was created for the first time in the early 2000s, but it was never made available in its original hue. The Old Love/New Love pack, which was introduced in 2006 and had a black-toe variation, would be the most appropriate comparison. In addition to the original Chicago Bulls color scheme, this was Jordan's second option on the floor. The astounding 6.5-inch height of the Air Jordan 1 highs, which are regarded as vintage, is remarkable. Additionally, they are the model that provides the most colors, collaborations, and fame within the sneaker world.

Numerous color schemes and collaborations

Speaking about hues and collaborations, this is another factor contributing to the popularity of Nike's Air Jordan 1 models. You should concentrate if you consider yourself a hype beast.

These sneakers come in a huge variety of colors in addition to the traditional black, white, and red. Some are made in association with famous people like Travis Scott and other designers like Off-White or Christian Dior. Others honor institutions like Michigan and UNC.

Very good resale value

Cheapness is one thing that most Air Jordan 1s aren't. While certain Jordan 1s can be purchased for between $100 and $200, the most hyped-up models will set you back hundreds of dollars. The resale value of Air Jordan 1 sneakers is the greatest in the business, so think again before giving up on your desire to buy a pair of these classic shoes. They really hold the top spot with a resale value of 1,816%. The top offers consist of:


Provide a variable look

The Air Jordan 1 features a distinctive vintage aesthetic that goes nicely with practically every outfit. There is an Air Jordan 1 for every member of the family because it comes in low, mid, high, and unisex colors and styles. It was the first pair of Jordan sneakers to sport the illustrious Nike Swoosh. The Air Jordan basketball with wings outstretched was the Wings logo, which was also featured on the original Jordan 1. The Jordan Jumpman logo, which would appear later, was earlier than this concept.

Any style, hue, or model of Air Jordan 1 sneakers will look great on and off the court.

Collecting revolutionized sneakers

It would be an understatement to say that Air Jordan 1 transformed the sport of shoe collecting. In reality, it served as the impetus for the development of the iconic shoe market that exists today.

Nowadays, buying and collecting shoes is more akin to an investment opportunity and an art form than a traditional retail experience. Find the trendiest new releases at fair pricing also requires effort, diligence, and knowledge. And it all began with the Air Jordan 1.

On and off the court, comfortable, functional, and stylish

Shoes like the Air Jordan 1 have appeal beyond their aesthetics. On and off the court, they are practical, cozy, and supportive shoes. The design of the original sneaker works really well in-game. While the leather toe box is permeable for enhanced breathability while playing, the leather overlays provide upper stability and durability. Ballers benefit from appropriate ankle support without limitations thanks to high tops.

Jordan 1s provide similar traction to other high-performance basketball sneakers. Quick twists and stable lateral movement are made possible by the rubber sole's flexibility and the circular design on the sneaker's forefoot. Players take notice of these advantages on courts both indoors and outside.

AIR JORDAN 1 sneakers by Michael Jordan: The man, the myth, the legend

Without discussing one of the most illustrious NBA players of all time, Michael Jordan, you can't talk about iconic footwear. His extraordinary talent for creating some of the most fashionable sneakers ever worn on and off the court was the only thing as spectacular as his athletic prowess.

You can't go wrong with a pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers, whether you're a sneakerhead adding to your collection or a first-time customer. There are many alternatives when purchasing this model because it comes in lows, mids, and highs as well as several colors and styles.


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