Why Solar Batteries Are a Good Investment For Your Home

Why Solar Batteries Are a Good Investment For Your Home
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04 September 2023

Adding batteries to your solar energy system can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. They can allow you to store the energy that your panels generate during the day for use when it isn’t available, such as in cloudy weather or at night. By combining a battery with your solar system, you can completely eliminate your energy bill and help reduce the amount of electricity your home consumes from the grid, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

The solar battery market is very competitive at the moment with a wide range of quality brands to choose from, all with different features and prices. The most important factor is to find a brand and model that suits your household. Ideally, your solar installer can recommend the best option for you.

A battery has a power rating (usually rated in kWh) which defines its ability to hold energy, and a storage capacity (also known as usable capacity). The higher the power and storage ratings, the more efficient your solar battery will be.

Some of the best-known and highest-quality battery brands include Tesla, BYD, Sonnen, Enphase, LG Chem, Redback Technologies, Sunpower and Alpha Ess. Each of these has its own unique selling points, but all offer great value for money.

The drop in solar feed-in tariffs has sparked a lot of interest in solar batteries Brisbane , especially in Queensland where the prices are most escalating. The electricity grid wasn’t designed to cope with many households exporting their excess solar energy into the network, and the price paid for the power they send in has been dropping as a result. A solar battery allows you to maximise the benefits of your panels and protect yourself from future rising power prices.

As well as being a fantastic investment, solar batteries can also provide an excellent emergency power solution for your home. If the grid goes down, most models of solar battery can keep your lights on, as well as essential appliances such as your fridge.

Adding a solar battery to your existing solar system or new solar panel installation can dramatically improve the performance of your solar energy system. Batteries can store the DC power generated by your solar panels, and then provide you with clean energy when it is needed most – at night or on cloudy days.

Our battery packages combine a quality solar inverter and high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery. These units are manufactured in Australia by Redback Technologies, who have over a century of combined experience in renewable energy generation, engineering, manufacturing, software development and energy market regulation. The company uses batteries produced by a Chinese-owned company called Pylon Tech, which uses lithium iron phosphate technology. The battery chemistry is considered safe and environmentally sustainable, without the use of cobalt. The batteries are mounted in a sleek, black unit that blends seamlessly into any household. They can be used in conjunction with any size of solar panel array, and are suitable for both homes and businesses.

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