Why need to one hold or clean solar panels?AYKA Solar

Step-by-step cleaning of solar PV system:

Safety first! If the panels are placed in regions that are not easily accessible and do not have space for you to move around, do not step in! Use a safety harness or necessary precautions. If not, let the experts handle them for you!

If you follow all the precautions, then,

  1. Use plain water to wash off dirt and dust.Why need to one hold or clean solar panels?AYKA Solar
  2. Use mild detergent or soapy water and do gentle scrubbing.
  3. You can skip the soap and not leave any residue behind, or opt for a mild soap.
  4. Make sure not to scratch the panels. 
  5. Utilise sponges or gentle scrubbers.
  6. Run some water on the panels once more.
  7. The last step of drying the panels is also crucial to prevent water droplets from remaining.
  8. It is best to use a squeegee or a chamois cloth to dry panels after the process.

Drop in Efficiency and effect of climatic conditions:

  • Solar panel cleaning is essential for maintaining the efficiency of the panels and ensuring that they continue to provide clean renewable energy.
  • Furthermore, it is imperative to check the panels periodically for damage. Cracks or breaks in the cells can also decrease power production.
  • With severe climatic changes seen in Australia, it is best advised to clean them as often as possible.
  • A small improvement could boost efficiency by 5-10%. But, poor maintenance could lead to a decrease in efficiency.

Warning! Do not overdo it!

With the zeal to get it all clean, do not overdo the process. Since the exteriors are made of glass, it is best to leave the thorough cleaning to the professionals.

  • Overdoing could jeopardize the working of the solar system as a whole. 
  • Some locations might require more attention and cleaning of other premises.
  • There could be nitrogen build-up on panels located on a farm, excess dust when placed near a construction site, etc.
  • Areas near the coastal region may require special care.
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