Why Must You Enroll Your Child At A Reggio Based Preschool

Why Must You Enroll Your Child At A Reggio Based Preschool
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As a parent, you will always want the best for your child. Especially choosing a preschool for your kid is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Such an important decision calls for a careful research and planning. The world is highly competitive today and you cannot compromise with the education you provide your child.

Reggio Emilia is a preschool curriculum that is widely adopted across different geographies for the several advantages it has for the children. Reggio Emilia is the name of the teaching philosophy that is focused on the children in ages between 3 and 6 years. This approach was given a start by Loris Malaguzzi after the World War II. The fundamental belief underlying this method is that every child is a confident, curious and competent individual who can highly benefit from a self-guided learning environment. In this system, the paramount importance is given to the mutual respect between the teacher and the child.

Though the first school adopting the Reggio Emilia method opened in the US in 1945, this method became very popular in the country only in 1991. As a parent, you may want to know the benefits of the Reggio Emilia approach to preschool education. When children are starting their educational journeys at the preschool, here are the advantages of putting them in a Reggio Emilia based preschool.

A child has a hundred languages
One of the popular quotes used in Reggio Emilia system is “A child has a hundred languages”. These are the languages that a child uses to interact with its environment and those around. One of the main focuses of the Reggio Emilia based methodology is to unite and cultivate these languages like art, body, building, dance, construction, innovation, fantasy, music, nature, singing, talking, writing, soul, and science. These languages help the child learn effectively and understand the world around it.

The typical setting in Reggio Emilia based classrooms
The classrooms in the Reggio Emilia schools are designed to look like homes. The environment intended in such an approach will be inviting and it becomes part of the child’s learning experience. The main idea is to inspire the children in a positive way through every input provided.

This approach also stresses on the ideas and rights of every child. IN a Reggio based playschool, the children are viewed as researchers who are very much ready for challenges.

Benefits of Reggio Emilia curriculum
Advocates of the Reggio Emilia model are able to identify the several advantages connected to the Reggio based preschools.

Some of the far reaching advantages of these preschools include building social skills, engaging in the community, enjoying the learning process, confident expressions, cultivation of problem solving skills, and a readiness to invite new experiences.

Do some research and find out a good preschool that is based on the Reggio Emilia model. If this curriculum is effectively implemented in the preschool you choose, you can be confident that the preschool is the best place for your child in many ways.

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