Why less sex is none of our business?

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Articles on studies and statistics demonstrating that young people are having less than they did in the past can be found virtually anywhere these days. To what do we owe this? People have blamed anything from porn and video games to the fact that more and more young people are staying at home with their parents later in life.

But what do these numbers actually reveal? Is it that fewer individuals overall are engaging in sexual activity, or that those who do so do it less frequently? While we tend to give more attention to those who aren't coupled up, the research really reveals that married persons have seen the greatest decrease in sexual frequency.Batman Sex Games are used widely.

Calico is taking a new approach to the same concerns that have been the subject of so much research, debate, and commentary. Isn't it more plausible that a number of interconnected variables are at work here, 'conspiring' to bring about the decline? However, it's also feasible that "none of the above" is the correct response. You can easily find Best Batman Porn Game. Then there's the idea that serves as the subject of Calico's recent blog post: "Maybe the 'Why?' is None of Our Business?"

Why less sex is none of our business?

I can't tell you how many stories about the decline in sex activity among young people I've read over the past several years.

Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain this phenomenon, including "delayed adulthood," a decline in sexual experimentation overall, and lower marriage rates; and "digital distractions," including video games, Netflix binges, online porn viewing, and similar activities.Free Batman Sex Games Online are indeed outstanding.

Don't Point the Finger at COVID

At least one thing is obvious: This statistical pattern of declining sexual activity among young people predates the COVID-19 outbreak and its associated lockdowns, suggesting that other factors are at play.

Casual sex among Americans aged 18 to 23 decreased between 2007 and 2017, according to a research. When asked whether they had engaged in sexual activity in the previous month, 24% of males said "yes," down from 38% a decade before. This percentage fell from 31% among women to 22%.

Why less sex is none of our business?.

A reduction in alcohol consumption is sometimes cited as a possible explanation for the decline in sexual activity among young people, but if both young women and men appear to be drinking less, why is the decline more significant among men?

Your gadget, which is literally at your fingertips, may provide stimulation in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, it seems like sex may not have as much appeal as, say, a film or a game. The same may be said about alcoholic beverages and other medicines.

I have no idea what kind of video games these individuals are playing, but they must be quite amazing if they find them more engaging than having sex. I come from a generation that didn't even have Call of Duty when I was a kid, but I still can't picture myself in my early twenties cancelling a date so I could sit around my living room and pretend to blow each other up in a video game.

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