Why Is Silica Gel Important?

Why Is Silica Gel Important?
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Silica gel is a widely used desiccant to keep moisture at bay in sealed packaging. It works by absorbing moisture to prolong the shelf life of products. Many industries—including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food—rely on it to keep their goods in optimum condition and prevent moisture-related issues, such as mould, rust, and corrosion.

Besides moisture absorption, silica gels offer a long list of other benefits. Keep reading to learn more about this desiccant and why it can be important for your business.

Silica gel is a synthetic substance derived from silicon dioxide, appearing as hard, irregularly shaped granules or bead-like crystals. These granules are odourless, non-toxic, and exhibit stable chemical and thermal properties. Most silica gel varieties are white and non-indicating, which means they do not change appearance when absorbing moisture. However, self-indicating silica gels contain an additive that changes colour upon moisture absorption, visually indicating their effectiveness.

How silica gel functions

The efficacy of silica gel stems from its micro-porous structure with interlocking cavities, providing a large surface area. This structure makes silica gel an efficient desiccant, capable of absorbing significant amounts of moisture. Silica gel beads are commonly packaged in small cloth or paper packets, facilitating their inclusion in product packaging, such as electronics, medicines, food items, and clothing.

Advantages of silica gel use

Silica gel offers several benefits as a desiccant:

  • Safety - Silica gel is non-flammable, making it safe for various applications.
  • Reusability - The gel can be regenerated through heating, allowing for cost-effective repeated use.
  • Durability - When stored in airtight conditions, silica gel maintains its effectiveness over long periods.
  • High moisture absorption - It can absorb up to 40% of its weight in water.
  • Non-corrosive - Silica gel is inert and will not corrode or damage materials, ideal for sensitive electronics.
  • Adaptable packaging - Available in various packet sizes, silica gel suits a wide range of applications.

Important safety reminder

Though non-toxic, silica gel can pose a choking hazard if ingested. Thus, manufacturers often label silica gel packets with 'do not eat' warnings to prevent accidental swallowing. When using silica gel packets in your products, ensure they are clearly labelled to distinguish them from the product itself. This is particularly crucial when placing desiccants in food packaging.

Where to purchase silica gel

PharmPak offers food-grade silica gel packets and canister desiccants. You can purchase high-quality silica gel from their website and enjoy free delivery on orders over $99. They also provide a convenient two-hour click-and-collect service.

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