Why Ipe Brazilian Hardwood is the Perfect Choice for Your Outdoor Space!

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If you’re planning to transform your outdoor space, it’s important to consider the materials you will use for the project. You’ll need something that can add value to your property while elevating your landscape’s aesthetics. When customers ask us about the best decking material, we often recommend Ipe Brazilian hardwood.

Also known as Brazilian Walnut, it is the hardest tropical lumber for decking, railing, cladding, terraces, and other structures. We think you will appreciate its weather resistance, high quality, and durability, especially for outdoor applications!

While we also offer other hardwoods, Ipe is the perfect choice for your property. First of all, it has a naturally attractive color, which normally ranges from olive brown to black, and features varied striping. The texture can be fine to medium, with straight to irregular grain. If you ever thought brown is a dull hue, we think Ipe Brazilian hardwood can change your mind! Plus, Ipe can add more character to your deck since every board varies in grain and color.


Ipe hardwood is extremely dense, making it three times harder than oak, with an A1 fire rating that can match that of concrete. Additionally, this feature makes it a natural bug deterrent that prevents termites and other wood-destroying organisms from sinking their teeth into it. You don’t even need special chemicals to keep bugs and fungus away.

No preservation necessary

Like all woods, Ipe Brazilian hardwood will become gray when exposed to the sun after several decades. However, you can preserve its lovely brown color by applying a UV-blocking finisher periodically.

Responsibly harvested

If you’re environmentally conscious, the more you’ll appreciate sustainably sourced Ipe hardwood. We get our supplies only from sustainably managed forests to comply with the Lacey Act. And when the wood reaches the end of its lifespan, it will simply decompose and return to the planet. So it won’t have to stay in landfills for hundreds or thousands of years.

Allow us to supply you with high-quality Ipe wood.

Our team at Advanced Building Supplies, Inc. is ready to provide high-quality Ipe Brazilian hardwood for your outdoor space! We are a trusted retailer of premium Brazilian hardwood at reasonable costs. Expect only top-quality Ipe wood with minimal imperfections.


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