Why do we need Quantum Computing

Why do we need Quantum Computing
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We live in the technology age, but still, there are plenty of things to come. In recent years, big companies have been taking small but essential steps. Quantum Computing is one of them, which is set to revolutionise the world. The following choice of possible applications will affect everything from healthcare to mobility.

Quantum computers would be like the Albert Einstein of computing in a binary world consisting of ones and zeros. With exceptional electronic brains, they can accomplish tasks that are almost impossible for basic computers to handle. 

Quantum Computing is a multi-sided field consisting of aspects of mathematics, computer science, and physics. They use quantum mechanics to crack difficult issues faster than any traditional computer. The field includes application development and hardware research.

Quantum computers have the ability to resolve specific types of issues faster than any traditional or classic computer. It takes advantage of quantum mechanical effects, including quantum and superposition interference.

Quantum computers can offer a speed boost in some applications, including machine learning (ML), simulation, and optimization of physical systems. Ultimate use cases can be the optimization of the portfolio of the simulation of chemical systems or in finance. It helps to solve the currently impossible issues for even the supercomputers on the market.

When engineers and scientists face difficult issues, they turn to supercomputers. These are large classical computers with thousands of classical GPU and CPU cores. These can run vast calculations and advanced AI (artificial intelligence). However, supercomputers are binary code-based systems dependent on 20th-century transistor technology. They struggle to solve specific kinds of issues.

Complex problems are those with many variables interacting in a complicated way. Customising the behaviour of individual atoms in a molecule is a complex issue because of all the various electrons interacting with each other. 

Identifying slight fraud patterns in new physics or financial transactions in a supercollider is also complex. We do not know how to solve some complex problems with classical computers at any scale.


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