Why cloud computing is the best way to improve your company's cyber security

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In the digital world, you must change your environment with careful application migration. Companies often decide to switch to new computing environments because of new technologies them start using, new business goals, or even new development strategies. Sometimes, the system may need to be updated for the new reality.  


What is Application Migration?

Application migration is the process of moving application software from one environment to another. You can move from on-premises to cloud hubs and from public to private cloud platforms. Application Migration Strategy can be complex because many companies use custom software development and specific network architectures. Software migration must ensure that data is transferred accurately and securely.

Why cloud computing is the best way to improve your company's cyber security


Application migration strategy

Different Cloud Applications, even those created in the same environment, can be moved to the cloud differently. This allows developers to implement separate strategies for each type of data migration.


  • Redesign is the most expensive strategy but can also be the most profitable for your business. This strategy requires significant changes to your application architecture to work better in a cloud environment. It can be a transition from a monolithic architecture to a serverless architecture or a refactoring of a monolithic architecture.


  • You can rate all your apps and divide the unused and unknown apps. This strategy should maintain only business-critical applications and save time moving applications not critical to the organization's operation.


  • This buyback is transitioning to the SaaS platform outside the system infrastructure. A third party usually operates this platform. This third party maintains or updates the platform, saving you time. With a buyback strategy, you can also get new versions of your system or upgrade solutions.


For some, giving up direct control over data can make businesses uncomfortable, but small businesses should pay attention to the security benefits that the cloud provides. Implementing a cloud-based solution in your business will certainly provide a higher security standard that your in-house IT team is unlikely to achieve. They've put together some tips to help you relax.


  • Protect your data

Data protection is a top priority for small and medium-sized businesses, and there are cloud-based security systems that implement specific protocols to protect certain data, such as credit card transactions and personal customer information. Fraud Detection can prevent unwanted third parties from getting your valuable data.


  • Get rid of lost or stolen storage devices.

Another significant benefit of moving data to the cloud is eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing the storage device containing your valuable data. Most importantly, it removes the risk of being abused. If you lose sensitive data, such as customer or financial information, you may get into trouble with the authorities.


  • Expertise

Most companies are outside the technology sector and may need more knowledge and experience with data protection. You may have less information than humans, and the expertise available for internal work is limited to what cloud professionals can provide.


If you care enough about your data, the above benefits convince you to move to the cloud. It's time to show the love and manage your data deserves. 

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