Why Buy a Portable Shower Rinse Kit?

Why Buy a Portable Shower Rinse Kit?
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Portable shower rinse kits provide high-pressure water spraying. It helps to maintain hygiene & comfort in emergency situations. Some models even come equipped with heating features to help warm you up faster. Some electric portable showers rely on an external water source. While others such as RinseKit POD are self-contained with six sprayer nozzle settings. It comes with a 6 foot long hose, detachable lid for standing pad use and an independent power supply.

Ease of Use

Portable showers are intended to make life in the wilderness easier, making them user-friendly and intuitive. While some models require you to connect them directly to a water source like a bucket or hose. Others such as RinseKit PRO have their own internal tank and nozzle - ideal for camping! Some electric portable showers also include options for charging other devices off of their battery powering their nozzle. An added feature you may appreciate when out camping!

The RinseKit POD is an ideal solution for campers, bikers, and surfers who require quick rinse after spending time out in the waves. It can be filled from any sink spigot, field fill kit from a pond, or via its on/off valve and six-foot hose with no pumping required. Truly making this portable rinse kit intuitive enough for anyone! With three minutes of pressure that doesn't require pumping for use immediately - it's like having your own portable hose! Malo'o Racks has some of the best items for portable shower tent. So do not miss them checking out.


A portable shower rinse kit consists of bags with hose nozzles that you hang up, depending on gravity to provide water pressure. While these kits can be useful for quickly rinsing off gear or dogs prior to loading them back into the car, their capacity can become limited as they get close to empty and their water pressure decreases over time.

RinseKit Portable Shower features a BPA-free, insulated tank capable of holding five minutes of luxurious backcountry shower time, plus it comes equipped with an on/off valve to make operation simpler.

The RinseKit PRO stands out from other electric models by employing diaphragm pumps to deliver superior pressure and longevity, making this battery-powered pressurization model easy to use - simply pour water in, press its power button, and spray!


The best portable shower can be invaluable tools in many circumstances. It could help from maintaining hygiene during power outages to spraying off and defrosting frozen items. Plus, portable showers offer comfort and relief during times of great strain.

The RinseKit Portable Shower features six sprayer nozzle settings. It has a 6 foot long hose. And it comes with an internal storage area for towels and sunscreen. As well as a detachable lid that serves as both a standing pad to rinse sandy or dirty feet off as well as seat. It is helpful when rinsing pets, kids or bikes off with fresh water. In addition, this shower can also be used to remotely water plants if required.

Our battery-pressurized PRO provides a high-pressure spray that will easily blast away dirt and grime, making life easy! Simply pour water in, press the power button, and spray! For even easier use, the model comes equipped with an adapter. It enables users to fill it from a household sink or hose bib with hot water for filling purposes.


RinseKit was designed to be the ultimate portable shower experience. It features self-pressurization without pumping or batteries. It has BPA-free insulation for ease of filling from either a hose spigot or sink (via an included sink adapter). It comes with a self-pressurization without pumping or batteries and a fillable water storage tank. It makes this device user-friendly in every respect.

RinseKit Pod's unique design stores the pressure from your garden hose for later use. And can hold up to five minutes of spraying depending on nozzle settings. In addition, this device features a storage area for towels, sunscreen and other accessories. It has a detachable lid that can be used while standing while rinsing off. Or even for remote water plants rinsing; storage area inside; as well as an on/off valve.

Our electric portable showers use pumps to pressurize water, though some require an external water source such as a hose or bucket. While our refurbished PRO model even features its own battery power supply so other devices (like air mattresses) can be powered off of it! Buy from the amazing collection of portable shower rinse kit from Malo'o Racks.

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