Whiten Your Tooth Structure and Change the Appearance of Your Natural Teeth

Whiten Your Tooth Structure and Change the Appearance of Your Natural Teeth
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Stoddard Dental Square has announced arrays of personalized and comfortable dental treatments to the patients. Our clinic fuses advanced dentistry technology with a preventative philosophy to complete not merely healthy teeth and gums but confident, beautiful smiles.

Dental crown is an artificial restitution that fits over the remaining part of prepared teeth, making it strong and giving it the shape of nature teeth. A crown is known as a cap – removable devices such as dentures, which are removable and clean daily. Crowns are caps made of various materials, including ceramic, resin, porcelain, and metal. Crowns are permanently fixed onto existing teeth or implants and can merely be removed by a dentist.

Whiten Your Tooth Structure and Change the Appearance of Your Natural Teeth

Crown placement is a routine procedure, though many people wonder if they can have their crowns whitened at a later date. It’s important to have your teeth properly color matched prior placement.

Over time, teeth change color. Coffee, red wine, and tea tend to be the worst culprits when it comes to staining. The color pigments stick to the outer part of the tooth and enamel. With changing age, the teeth have a white outer shell and a yellow dentin beneath. We at https://www.stoddarddentalsquare.co.nz/ shape crowns choosing a color based on the color of the patient’s teeth. Generally, the patient’s teeth may change colour around the crowns.

At https://www.stoddarddentalsquare.co.nz/, our dentist applies a rubber shield or protective gel to the gums prior applying bleach to the teeth. The whitening agents we use do not penetrate the crown’s materials.We do our best to whiten the areas of exposed tooth.

Color matching prior to the placement of a crown is important. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth overall and will be needling a crown, you may want to have a whitening treatment done before getting the crown. Then, your dentist can match the color to your newly whitened teeth.

To whiten the crowns, patients have to consider replacing the crown. Dentists can whiten the teeth and then create a new crown based on the whiter smile. So, dental crowns can be right and white and remain that way longer.

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