Where and How to Find the Best HDMI Matrix Switcher for Your Needs?

Where and How to Find the Best HDMI Matrix Switcher for Your Needs?
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10 November 2023

An HDMI matrix switcher is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to distribute HDMI signals to multiple displays. With the suitable HDMI matrix set, you can easily switch any source device to any display or even send one source to multiple displays at once. But with so many matrix switchers on the market, how do you determine which one is the best fit for your needs? In this article, we'll walk you through the key factors to consider and provide recommendations to help you find the ideal HDMI matrix switcher.

Where and How to Find the Best HDMI Matrix Switcher for Your Needs?

Determine Your Input and Output Requirements

First, you need to consider how many HDMI source devices you need to connect and how many displays you need to drive. Common matrix sizes are 4x4, 8x8, 16x16 etc. If you only need to switch between a Blu-ray player and a streaming device to a TV, a small 4x2 or 4x4 matrix will suffice. For larger installations with multiple sources and displays, scale up accordingly. It's better to get a matrix with more ports than needed to allow for future expansion.

You'll also want to account for HDMI standards. Ensure the matrix supports the highest resolutions and HDMI version needed - typically 4K 60Hz and HDMI 2.0. Support for HDR is also beneficial for future-proofing.

Decide on Desired Features

Beyond the basics, HDMI matrices can offer handy bonus features:

  • Audio extraction - Ability to extract and output audio signals from HDMI to external audio equipment or compatible with HDMI digital audio extractor. Useful for routing video and audio separately.
  • Control options - Front panel buttons, IR remote, RS232, and IP/LAN allow flexible control.
  • EDID management - Ensures source handshake and optimal resolutions.
  • HDCP compliance - Required for protected content. Make sure the HDCP version matches your sources.
  • Scalers - Useful for mismatching resolutions or converting between HDMI and analog video.
  • HDBaseT - Allows extended distances over network cabling to remotely located displays.
  • HDMI over IP - Allows matrix distribution over distance ethernet.
  • 4K/60Hz support - For Ultra HD sources. Verify chroma subsampling support if needed.
  • 3D support - Consider which extra capabilities would be most beneficial for your needs.

Where and How to Find the Best HDMI Matrix Switcher for Your Needs?

Determine Your Budget

HDMI matrix switchers span a wide range of price points from just $100 for entry-level models to thousands for advanced enterprise matrices. Consider how much you're willing to invest based on the scale of your needs and which additional features are indispensable versus nice-to-have.

More advanced features like 4K/60Hz, HDR, HDBaseT, control options, and higher I/O counts demand a higher budget. But you can save costs by selecting a matrix with your required necessities.

Shop Trusted Brands

For the best value, brands like Brightlink offer feature-packed matrices at very affordable pricing. Their HDMI matrix switchers and HDMI Extender SET over Fiber boasts premium build quality and advanced functionality like 4K/60Hz, HDR, audio extraction, scalers, IP, and RS232 control at highly competitive prices.

Consider Specialized Needs

If you have specialized needs beyond a basic matrix, there are tailored solutions:

  • Video walls - Specialized matrices allow configuring multiple displays into custom video walls. Look for video wall processors or Mosaic layout features.
  • Long distance - HDBaseT and HDMI over IP matrices allow extended runs up to 330ft for remote display connectivity. Useful for large venues.
  • Modular - For huge I/O counts, modular matrices can be configured and expanded as needed.
  • Outdoor - Rugged outdoor-rated matrices withstand harsh environments for outdoor digital signage.

Buy HDMI Matrix Switcher from an AV Specialist

To help narrow your search and ensure you get the suitable matrix for the job, purchase from an authorized AV dealer like  Brightlink. AV specialists have extensive product knowledge and can offer pre-sales technical assistance to recommend the ideal switcher for your needs and budget.

Specialty AV dealers like Brightlink also offer bulk discount pricing for large projects and matrix switcher packages tailored to your needs. Their team can help you get the perfect HDMI matrix-switching solution.


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