What You Can Drink And What To Avoid With Invisalign?

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As you took up Invisalign in Vienna, you want your treatment to go as smooth as possible. The primary advantage of taking up Invisalign is its convenience. It gives you the liberty to remove the aligners and eat or drink anything that you want. So, you may wonder why we came up with this topic. Is there a restriction with food even if you chose to treat your misaligned treat with Invisalign in Fairfax? Did you take the wrong decision?

Well, taking up Invisalign in Vienna is the best decision you took. Invisalign is a convenient treatment and the same work as good as other orthodontic treatments. And it does so without letting the people know that you are undergoing a treatment. It is also noteworthy that the amount of care you take of your Invisalign is directly proportionate to their effectiveness. That said, you will have queries about taking care of your Invisalign. Questions like what you can eat with Invisalign and what you cannot will start popping out of your mind. Here is all that you need to know.

Top tips to drink with Invisalign

It will be challenging to keep yourself away from any kind of drinks for 20-22 hours of the aligners wearing time. So, here are some tips that will help you have your favorite beverage once in a while without hurting your treatment.

If you love sipping your alcoholic drinks or more sugar drinks, we will suggest you to use a straw. Using a straw will minimize the contact of the drink to your aligners and teeth. What’s more, you can use biodegradable straws to earn more points.

You should never forget to carry the case of the aligners with you. Always put your aligners in the same case only.

You must remove your aligners before drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, soda, etc. Do not forget to put them back in the mouth again once your drinking is done. It is compulsory to wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day for your treatment to get completed in due time.

Brush your teeth after every meal and floss at least once in a day. Keeping these habits will ensure that no bacteria settle in your mouth under the aligners.

You can use Invisalign cleaning crystals to keep your aligners clean. These crystals are specially designed to clean your Invisalign. You can also use alternate solutions such as mouthwash, tooth brushes, cleaning soaks etc. to keep your aligners clean.

For more details about keeping your Invisalign in Vienna intact, reach out to us.

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