What To Look For In A Refurbished Tablet

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08 November 2023

Tablets are incredibly versatile devices, perfect for everything from work and study to entertainment and creativity. Opting for a refurbished tablet, like those from OzMobiles, is a smart choice for both your wallet and the environment. But how do you ensure you're getting a top-notch device? Let's discuss the key factors to consider when purchasing a refurbished tablet.


A Guarantee of Quality

When diving into the world of refurbished tablets, always look for devices that have undergone a certified refurbishment process. This ensures that the tablet has been rigorously tested, repaired (if necessary), and certified to be in top working condition.




Battery Life and Performance

The battery is the heart of any mobile device. A tablet's battery degrades over time, so it's essential to check its health. A refurbished tablet should have a battery that retains a good charge, providing you with hours of uninterrupted use. Additionally, consider the device's performance. A quality refurbished tablet should function seamlessly, without hitches or lags.


Clear and Vibrant Visuals

One of the primary functions of a tablet is its display. Check for any signs of excessive wear or deep scratches. While minor surface scratches might be present on some refurbished devices, the screen itself should provide clear and vibrant visuals.


Space for Apps, Files, and More

Depending on your needs – downloading apps, storing photos, or keeping large files – you'll want a tablet with adequate storage. Ensure the refurbished tablet offers enough space for your requirements, and remember, some tablets allow for expandable storage via microSD cards.


Connectivity Options

Depending on your usage, consider the connectivity options. Does the tablet support 4G or 5G, or is it Wi-Fi only? If you plan to use the tablet on the go, a cellular-enabled model might be beneficial.


Warranty and Return Policy

Always check the warranty and return policy when buying a refurbished tablet. Trusted retailers like OzMobiles often offer warranties on their refurbished products, providing buyers with added assurance.


Enhancing Your Experience

Tablets often come with a range of accessories, from stylus pens to keyboards. If you're keen on utilising these, ensure that the refurbished model you're considering is compatible with your desired add-ons.


A refurbished tablet can offer exceptional value, providing high-end features at a fraction of the cost of a new device. By keeping these considerations in mind and purchasing from reputable sellers like OzMobiles, you're set to get a device that meets your needs and offers excellent longevity. 

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