What Is the Purpose of a Detectable Warning Surface

What Is the Purpose of a Detectable Warning Surface
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Tactile solutions are the one-stop solution for providing secured access forsight-impaired consumers. It is common to see tactile walking surface indicators in schools, airports, and mass transit environments. These truncated domes with small round sections help visually impaired people to walk safely.

What Purpose Do Warning Surface Truncated Domes Serve?

The key purpose of these surface applied detectable warning systems is to provide a nonvisual cue to visually impaired people about the correct path to follow and upcoming hazards. The protruding bumpy domes are easy to detect with the help cane or even can be easily felt underfoot. It helps them know they are approaching a busy intersection, drop off or change in the pavement.

Here are some of the areas where Detectable warning systems are especially helpful

  • Warn of changing conditions
  • Create a safe space
  • Provide nonvisual alerts
  • Create a safe and easy-to-navigate space

Why Are Warning Surface Truncated Domes Required?

There were other rules for people who used wheelchairs even before government legislation made warning surface truncated domes necessary. These regulations mandated the provision of special access for more convenient accommodations at curbs, small stairways, and other locations with problematic, limited access.

What Is the Purpose of a Detectable Warning Surface?

The detectable warning tiles were designed to help individuals with disabilities navigate public places. However, in 1991 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) made it mandatory to use detectable warning tiles in public places in the United States.

How Do Warning Surface Truncated Domes Help Improve Safety?

Due to its special construction design, truncated domes are the only surface that people with visual impairments can quickly identify. People with decreased or no eyesight find it simpler to recognize that they are walking on a truncated dome and that something is about to change on the other side when they enter a busy intersection or while using a cane to feel their way along while walking.

  • While entering a busy intersection
  • Changes to elevations like inclines and declines on a ramp
  • Drop-offs like at the edge of a railway loading platform.

Warning surface truncated domes are helpful even to those without visual impairments. People frequently focus on their cellphones while walking, for example, and do not pay attention to their surroundings; however, they know that they should glance up when they step onto a surface with a truncated dome.

 Wrap Up

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