What is Shopping Cart Abandonment? Key Cart Abandonment Statistics You Must Know in 2023

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment? Key Cart Abandonment Statistics You Must Know in 2023
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An abandoned cart ghosted any e-commerce business as it can majorly decrease its revenue. According to the research done by “The Baymard Institute, 69.82% of online shopping carts are getting abandoned”. This issue is a common factor in the recent eCommerce business. 

Shopping Cart abandonment is the process when a potential customer doesn’t complete the purchase for the eCommerce shopping cart. It will be known as abandoned by the buyers. It is a major drawback for online businesses and needs careful attention to fix this issue. 

Based on the research, more than $18 billion in sales revenue can be lost in an e-commerce store due to cart abandonment. It says if more than 15 customers add some items to the shopping cart, 8-10 leave the cart without ending their purchase. 

Today, we will help you understand the importance of abandonment carts and its importance. You will also get the key statistics about abandonment carts that can help your business reduce this issue appropriately. 


Must-Known Statistics On Cart Abandonment

Abandonment of a cart is a major problem for eCommerce. Let’s explore the key statistics that you should know to ensure a positive outcome for your eCommerce business. 

  • According to a recent study, the cat abandonment rate for all industries is more than 69.57% 
  • Most mobile users have higher abandonment cat issues, nearly 85% on average. 
  • Based on a recent study, 80% of customers leave the shopping site due to higher loading time. 
  • It’s been observed that 65% of customers tend to leave their cart without checkout because they have to re-enter their shipping and payment details. 
  • A study says 35% of the chances are there that retargeting will increase customer retention. 
  • Social media is found to be great at retargeting customers by 55%. 
  • The conversion rate can be increased by 36% by using a checkout-optimised strategy.

The Influential Impact Of Abandoned Carts On Businesses’ Sale

Abandoned shopping cart is a major factor for eCommerce business, as it negatively impacts business sales. Below are the few key impact of abandoned cart that needs to be taken care of in a prior. 

Lost Customer Lifetime Value 

The margin of profit your business can anticipate making from a customer over the entire business relationship is determined by the customer’s lifetime value. It’s a vital factor for eCommerce business, as it’s responsible for facilitating short- and long-term business goals supports tactics focused on high-value customers, and helps you grasp the true financial impact of marketing initiatives.

Online shopping cart abandoners are worth more than just their initial purchase; you should also consider how much they might spend in the future and even how many referrals they might send your way. Due to reduced customer lifetime values, losing a potential customer could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Additional Cost For Retargeting

Retargeting for ensuring customer acquisition is a major activity for any eCommerce business. However, an abandoned shopping cart can increase this cost by not recovering the cart abandonment. This is because the brand needs to invest in retargeting, which will double its cost. 

Besides, once a customer abandons the cart, recovering it from the target audience is difficult, as there is very little chance that the customer will return. Hence, the brand will need to build a strategy and invest in PPC or other ads to make them return to the eCommerce store and ensure they are successfully checking out their product. 

Thus, conducting this entire process can be difficult for the brand due to higher investment and the time-consuming process. Hence, reducing this issue is important to ensure that businesses can conduct customer acquisition effectively without losing or investing additional amounts.

Inconsistent Inventory Management 

Due to a lack of prediction or checkout process, the problem of irregular inventory management can take place. This is because the brand didn’t get the accurate number of product availability on the eCommerce site. It puts them in an unstable situation where they are unsure about the actual availability. 

This problem arises due to the abandonment of the cart, as the exact number of checkouts is impossible to analyze without getting the precious checkout number for single or multiple products. 

Hence, the higher abandonment of eCommerce carts is majorly hampering the business process in terms of inventory management and, in the long term, assuring product availability management.

Decline In Sales And Revenue 

A higher cart abandonment rate further costs the brand higher sales and revenue. The marketer needs to invest a lot in retargeting, which will hamper the revenue structure. Also, it’s majorly hampering the inventory process, which is irregular due to the higher abandonment in the shopping cart. 

Altogether, the cart abandonment recovery strategy is majorly leading to the problem of lower sales and, in the long run, for revenue. Therefore, considering this issue a priority is a major aspect for any eCommerce business to ensure that revenue and sales are not impacted.


Reduce The Problem Of Abandoned Carts By Digitizing

The issue of abandoned shopping carts is a major threat to any eCommerce business, as it can negatively impact the sales and revenue process and further can increase the risk of lack of customer retention. 


Therefore, it’s important to reduce this problem by using digital solutions to ensure positive outcomes. We have found a few tips and strategies to reduce cart abandonment. Let’s have a look below: 

Abandoned Cart Emails

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment? Key Cart Abandonment Statistics You Must Know in 2023

Sending personalized mail can be a great solution for an abandoned cart issue. In this modern world, the competitive market for eCommerce business has increased by a high ratio. That makes the customers choose products from different sites, and that can also be the issue of abandoned carts. 

They compare the product quality and pricing with the competitive shopping site before purchasing it. That makes them leave the cart without making the final checkout. Therefore, sending a reminder mail regarding the abandoned cart can be helpful for the end-user to take prompt action on their pending cart.

With a personalized email campaign, the customer will be able to connect more with the product, which can be helpful in reducing the issue of abandonment cart in the long run. This process can also be solved by using an A/B testing approach to identify the potential data on customer behavior. That will help to improve the personalized email campaign. 

Simplify Cart Process 

The consumer is often unwilling to process the checkout due to a complex shopping cart process. This can be due to the complicated payment options, opting for the offers, and maybe some other issues. Whatever it is, it makes an impact on the cart processing. 

Therefore, following a simple cart processing can be the answer to this issue. This process can be possible by making the payment process and checkout process easy to ensure the customer does not encounter any hurdles when doing the checkout. 

Boost The Page Loading Time 

Often, the customer gets frustrated with the higher loading time on the shopping site. This makes them leave the site and look for some other provider. This process is leading to the problem of cart abandonment. 

By improving the technical issue and all the glitches, this problem can be solved quickly. Consulting with a professional can help to reduce this problem for the business. After identifying the issue, it’s also required to monitor and analyze the progress for a better outcome on the checkout process by optimizing faster loading time for your eCommerce website. 

Offering Multiple Payment Options 

Nowadays, most of the users are aware of the multiple payment options. That makes them choose the appropriate for better satisfaction and convenience. Therefore, adding well-known payment options for the eCommerce site is a major requirement. 

This comes with different payment options, such as debit/credit cards, net banking, pay later options, UPI payments, and many more, that align with the customer’s needs. It will help to reduce the problem of cart abandonment by choosing the appropriate payment option. 

It will eventually help to improve the lost interest of the consumer by making sure they are processing a successful checkout on the shopping site. 

Omnipresent Cart Function 

Having a prominent cart button that is always visible will make it as easy as possible for customers to move items to and from their cart. Your end-users will always be able to access their basket and start the checkout process with just a click, whether they need to check the item total or confirm previously added products.

This process is possible by implementing an omnipresent cart functionally. It will help the user to get a cart button to ensure the customers are constantly informed of the desired products. 

It also has the advantage for the customer with the intention of window shopping or doing some light browsing. It will eliminate the chance that customers will add things to their carts and then overlook them when they become preoccupied. This approach will help to reduce the problem of abandonment of carts from the eCommerce business. 

Build Brand Trust

Most of the time, the consumer leaves the product on the cart due to trust issues, either with the brand or with the product. This problem can only be solved by building consumer trust towards their products and brand. Businesses can choose some digital approach like sharing social presence to make users believe in their product. 

Also, this process can be done by sharing some testimonials and upcoming product, their brand USP for promotional purposes. All these activities need to be conducted on an online platform, as it will be helpful to reach a major number of customers. 

Following these approaches can be beneficial for improving the user trust towards the brand, which will help to reduce this major issue of cart abandonment. 

Share Attractive Offers 

In the online business, pricing has a major impact on ensuring the success rate. With the help of AI and ML, the brands can get detailed information about the customers, which will help them to create more personalized offers based on their unique requirements. 

It will eventually be helpful for encouraging the customer to successfully checkout without leaving the product in a cart. This process can be possible to share some push notifications on a regular basis for better conversion. 

Besides, the offer-sharing process can also done by sending some emails, personalized messages, and other methods to reach potential customers effectively. 

Ensure 24/7 Chat Support 

Chat support is a crucial factor for any eCommerce business, as the only way to solve individual problems during the transition process is with a support team. Therefore, the brand needs to make sure the chat support team is always available. However, by employing a human, this process will be possible. 

Therefore, bot assistance is needed to increase customer satisfaction by providing them with 24/7 support to ensure none of their queries are unanswerable. It will help the customer to make quick decisions about their checkout process by clarifying their doubts about the products or brand. 

Thus, following this process can eventually help reduce the problem of abandonment of carts and ensure higher customer conversion with higher sales and revenue. 

Support Guest Checkout

The modern customer in the digital age looks for a faster process. Due to their busy schedule, they are no longer interested in connecting with a brand that doesn’t offer customer satisfaction. They are also concerned about their data use and protection due to increased online fraud. 

One of the key factors for cart abandonment is registration on the e-commerce site. Most of the time, the customer is uncomfortable sharing their personal details, leading them to leave the cart without processing checkout. 

This problem can be solved by giving the customer the option of guest checkout. With the help of guest checkout, the user can checkout easily without providing any data more quickly. It will further help to improve customer satisfaction and make their shopping journey more memorable. 

Policies And Pricing Transparency

Most of the users reported that in an online site, the problem of lack of pricing transparency is leading to trust issues. 

For example, the product pricing seems to be different from the checkout price; this might change due to the additional charge for delivery, other costs, or higher demand. This problem eventually stops the customer from purchasing and leaving the product behind. 

Therefore, choosing transparent pricing policies can help them reduce this issue and make their customer always satisfied and loyal. 

Besides the pricing issue, many of the customers are concerned about their security. Therefore, choosing trust symbols to give them assurance can be helpful to grow their trust and finally make them believe in the brand. 

A few of the security symbols can be SSL certificates, popular security badges such as BBB, TRUSTe, Norton, and lots more can be used to ensure a transparent culture for the end-user. Considering this process can be helpful for improving user trust, and that will lead to higher checkout. 


Final Word 

Abandonment carts are something that can lead to some serious issues for the eCommerce business; therefore, this issue needs to be solved quickly. The problem can be solved using structured strategies and refined technology by choosing digital solutions. To get rid of this problem, it’s important to connect with a professional and choose the right technique to improve the abandonment issue of the cart to ensure higher conversion.

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