What is Lead-to-Account Matching?

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Every business must attract qualified leads to thrive. However, acquiring leads is only the start of the customer journey. Nurturing and offering personalized value to identified leads is what ensures prospective customers convert into paying customers. This is where lead-to-account matching comes in.

Lead-to-account matching ensures leads and customers are taken care of throughout their relationship with your business. Lead-to-account matching outlines a process for identifying, merging, and matching leads to accounts in your organization, using data-driven targeting and personalization to improve customer satisfaction at scale.

What is the lead and account relationship in Salesforce?

Lead matching can be manual or automated depending on your organization’s choice, size, and level of tech-savviness. It is important to note that businesses that adopt automation software to streamline business and marketing operations, including lead-to-account matching, are more likely to succeed in today’s technologically-charged business landscape than those that don’t.

Salesforce, one of the popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, provides a good base to collect, track, and manage customer data. However, CRM tools like Salesforce alone are ineffective in pulling useful insights and customer data from other sources and applications.

When integrated with a data automation platform like Syncari, Salesforce becomes a robust system for organizing customer data, updating outdated or incorrect information, and ensuring your organization’s data quality is clean, accessible, and complete.

Using Syncari’s Salesforce Synapse improves your customer data quality and coordinates lead matching processes to improve marketing and sales operational efficiency. The lead/account relationship in Salesforce provides a solid foundation for developing effective account-based marketing (ABM) workflows.

Important terms in lead-to-account matching

Before we go further, let’s define the following commonly-used lead matching terms.

  1. Lead: A lead is a potential customer, also known as a “prospect.” A lead may have taken specific actions or interacted with a marketing campaign. The aim of attracting leads is to convert them to customers.
  2. Account: An account is a company your organization has a relationship with, whether they’re a customer or not. Each account contains data, such as company name, address, and other details. Accounts may also be associated with other records in a CRM system, e.g., contacts.

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