What Is A Heat Recovery System And What Are Its Benefits?

What Is A Heat Recovery System And What Are Its Benefits?
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The term heat recovery refers to a mechanical system in which the humidity and wet air are recovered from places such as kitchens and washrooms and transferred to overall household premises. With the help of ventilation and heat exchanger, the humid and high temperature is filtered and exchanged with fresh and healthy air. This system expels hot and polluted air that is drawn from the outside environment and exchanges it. The supply exchange mechanics is known as ‘Ducting’.

Now, Let's understand the key benefits of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Units-

  • Fresh And Unpolluted Air Supply-

With the help of heat recovery, the ventilators and heat exchangers help to exchange the indoor air which consists of air pollutants with fresh outdoor filtered and cool air.

  • Energy efficient-

This system is more energy efficient as compared to installing multi ventilation units this single unit works as both a heat exchanger as well as ventilator.

  • Constant Air Flow-

This heat exchanger provides us with constant air flow in our premises. This heat recovery system consists of ‘Ducting’ systems that help to provide a constant airflow of hot and cool air, Providing comfort to people living inside.

  • Eliminates Condensation-

Due to excess heat production vapor and moisture are produced in our environment. With the help of heat recovery vapor and moisture levels gradually decrease.

  • Eliminates humidity-

Due to excess heat production and pollutants from our environment, An Increase in the level of humidity occurs. Due To the Increase in humidity molds occur to grow on our walls. These heat recovery units help in the process of dehumidification and eliminate all the humidity. Ultimately, Providing comfort to people living inside. 

Other Advantages Of Installing Heat Recovery-

  • Keeps us safe from Indoor air which can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air with the method of filtration and ventilation
  • Heat recovery eliminates certain chemicals that affect health such as V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Unfiltered and polluted air can cause diseases such as allergies, breathing problems, and irritation. Heat recovery helps to eliminates them.
  • Re-using the energy to condition the incoming fresh air is energy, environmental, and cost-efficient.
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