What HR Technology Trends Will Dominate in 2022?

What HR Technology Trends Will Dominate in 2022?
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18 October 2022

For some, the rate of technological advancement is too rapid, while for others it is not rapid enough. Whatever perspective you choose, it can't be denied that technology is making a growing variety of activities in both our professional and personal life easier to complete.

The following HR technology trends will be prevalent in 2022 and beyond, so HR professionals who are interested in utilizing new technologies to their advantage should keep an eye on them.

Technology for a remote workplace

Only marginally has the pandemic-driven adoption of remote work reversed in 2021 from what it was in 2020. According to a recent Gallup survey, remote employment still accounts for around 51% of all jobs.

Even while it may be feasible to return to the office, many firms and employees do not plan to eliminate the option of working remotely.


Work that is done remotely or in a hybrid setting is here to stay and will enhance the lives of many. But as we all know, employing remote or hybrid labor has its own set of particular difficulties.


In order to ensure that remote workers are healthy, engaged, and have access to HR products and services, HR is now responsible for managing people across numerous locations, time zones, and countries.

In many respects, remote/hybrid work may provide human resources a fresh chance to rethink their position inside firms.

Employer monitoring technology

As a result of distant employment, communication standards have changed. Remote employees are unable to visit a neighbor's workplace to cooperate or strike up a conversation with coworkers while cooking. When you don't share a physical location with someone, it's more difficult from a management and HR standpoint to determine how engaged they are. This is why firms in 2021 will depend more and more on techniques like periodic pulse surveys to continually collect employee input and utilize it to enhance their experience.

Additionally, some businesses are also utilizing increasingly sophisticated employee monitoring systems to keep tabs on how engaged remote workers are. These gather information on work efficiency, time management, website and app usage, sentiment analysis, and random screenshots. This information may then be utilized to track productive behaviors and prevent burnout, recommend productivity enhancements, and choose coaching and training programs.

With modern technology, online education is improved

Recent developments in digital tools also enhance digital education for workers. Microlearning, or short learning sessions, is one way that mobile learning is assisting in providing an accessible learning environment. Employees are finding professional learning to be more interesting because of gamification, and virtual reality technologies are also becoming more popular.

AI keeps becoming smarter

AI is increasingly making its way from science fiction books into everyone's daily life, including those of HR professionals. About 30% of businesses plan to include an AI solution in their HR IT mix for the upcoming year. This is a rise from 17% this year.


The first thing that springs to mind when blockchain technology is mentioned is cryptocurrency. Until recently, businesses were thought to use cryptocurrencies on a major scale only in the far future. In the near term, HR managers could wish to investigate the idea of adopting bitcoin as the method of payment for its payroll, following Elon Musk's lead.

Additionally, the security is 100 percent since utilizing Bitcoin wallet, not only stores your digital money but also secures them with a special private key that guarantees that only you and anybody you share the code with may open your Bitcoin wallet.


The concept of hyperautomation holds that if a work can be automated, it should be automated. Automation for payroll and data input is probably already common knowledge, and as AI becomes "smarter," the range of operations that may be automated will expand.

AI chatbots, for instance, may significantly improve the employee experience by giving staff members the information they want right away and sending pertinent data to the HR team. AI may be taught to scan resumes, categorize applicants based on their education and experience, and assist in evaluating the performance of current workers.

Make wiser choices

Machine learning, or its capacity to study and comprehend enormous data sets, is another source of AI's power. The more employee data you can gather, the more effective the AI will be, therefore many enterprise-level HRMS, in particular, have been upgrading their AI technologies to take use of the data.

Machine learning may assist human resource teams and company executives in predicting the most qualified applicants to interview, the most effective way to use an organization's workforce, and even which workers are likely to leave.

Concern over cyber security is rising

Unfortunately, cybersecurity is becoming a bigger issue as the world gets more digital and remote employment becomes more common. HR,  ought to take the lead in ensuring that employee and business data is as safe as feasible. Identity theft brought on by compromised personal information can cause actual costs for workers and have a negative impact on hiring and retention.

HR should define a clear set of data security rules in collaboration with the organization's IT leadership. Additionally, the HR division should see to it that its staff is properly trained on cybersecurity. 

How much HR technology benefits your company?

Although HR technology is constantly evolving, the basic goal of the HR department is always to enable people to contribute meaningfully to their businesses. HR technology should not be viewed as a panacea but rather as a tool. For instance, you need to have the necessary levels of data management in place for some AI systems to function.

HRMS is developing to cover all facets of personnel administration, but for some operations, including finding applicants, you might still wish to use more specialized solutions.

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