What Happens During a Breast Reduction Consultation?

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, the first thing you should do is schedule a meeting with a certified plastic surgeon. The first appointment is really important because you will be talking about what you want to achieve and gathering all the information you need to make the best decision. Let’s find out what usually happens during a breast reduction consultation and address some common concerns that you may have.

Introduction and Medical History

Your consultation begins with a friendly greeting and an introduction to your plastic surgeon. They will spend time getting to know you, your medical history, and why you are thinking about getting a breast reduction. At this time, you have a great opportunity to talk about any concerns or fears you might have regarding the procedure.

Discussing Your Goals and Concerns

The consultation is mainly meant to help the surgeon understand what you want to achieve. You can share what you want to achieve with breast reduction surgery during this point. You can talk about the shape that you are looking for and other goals you may have.

Examining Your Breasts

After that, the surgeon will thoroughly check your breasts. They will examine your breasts to determine their size, shape, and condition and also check the elasticity of your skin. This test helps your surgeon determine the most suitable method for your specific condition. It’s totally normal to have questions if you’re concerned about how the exam will be conducted.

Discussing the surgical process

The surgeon will give you a detailed explanation of the breast reduction procedure. They will talk about the different ways to make the incision, the type of anesthesia you will receive, and what kind of results you can expect after the procedure. Just remember, you can ask your surgeon any question, no matter how small, and they will be there to give you answers.

Looking at the results

Your surgeon might show you pictures of how past patients’ breasts looked before and after their reduction surgery. Pictures of breast lift and breast reduction can help you understand what the results might look like and the best procedure for you.

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